5 Presents for Under £5


With Christmas coming up, now is the time for Secret Santa to be arranged and the price limits set. It’s always hard knowing what to get people, whether to get a joke present or something nice, so I’ve set out five present ideas for under £5 to help you decide what to get. 

Jelly Shot Moulds

Credits: prezzybox.com
Credit: prezzybox.com


Perhaps you’ve got to get a present for that one person that you genuinely have no idea what they like. Well, if you want something easy, fun and cheap, this could be the perfect solution!

This super easy present not only looks like you’ve really searched for something good, but you barely have to spend anything! At £4.95 from prezzybox.com these jelly shot moulds will almost certainly get used for a house party or two!




Argan Oil

Credits: Amazon
Credit: Amazon


So you’ve got to get a present, and you don’t want to go down the alcoholic route? Easy! Argan oil is becoming increasingly popular, and this little bottle from Amazon will look like a great present! With great reviews, you seriously can’t go wrong with this as a present.

This is great if you want something a bit more serious and genuine, but not too expensive. This keeps to the £5 limit at £4.90 and is a great little present.




Personalised chocolate

Credits: notonthehighstreet.com
Credit: notonthehighstreet.com

So perhaps you’ve got a really sporty person and you’ve no idea what to get them? Well you can’t go wrong with some personalised chocolate! These chocolate rugby balls come in a great little container, and the seller lets you personalise the label that comes with it. This gives a great opportunity to make a suggestive comment about ‘his rugby balls’!

At exactly £5 this gift is right on the limit, but it’s a great alternative to a lot of more traditional personalised chocolate gifts and still allows you to tailor it to the person receiving it.


Raspberry Prosecco Lollies

Credits: notonthehighstreet.com
Credit: notonthehighstreet.com

Food presents are always a great way to go, and these prosecco lollipops offer something different but still tasty! As long as they’ve got a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong giving these to someone as a present! The cheapest on the list at £3.95, these alcoholic sweet treats are a great take on traditional confectionary.





Sticky notes

Credits: thepresentfinder.co.uk
Credit: thepresentfinder.co.uk

This stationary sticky note addition is a really cute option for someone who loves to keep things organised. Although it might seem boring to some, these are a great way of keeping things organised and yet still pretty, and for those stationary hoarders out there, these are great!

At £4.99 this is only just under the budget, but these notes can be used for a variety of things; whether that’s marking interesting pages in a magazine or catalogue or using them to brighten up your uni work.




And there we have it; five presents for under £5! Hopefully when secret santa comes around, these will give you some inspiration when deciding what to get. There’s always something for everyone, no matter how hard it seems, you’ve just got to think outside the box!



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