Hygge: A Student Guide


Hygge is the Danish tradition that has seeped slowly and then all at once into the British population’s consciousness this winter. Hygge is the ultimate feeling of cosiness and countless guides to achieving this are flying off the shelves this Christmas and landing under a tree near you. It’s all fluffy blankets, open fires and mugs of hot chocolate. 

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Students need Hygge more than ever. Not only are we constantly under pressure to succeed, but nearly 80% of students suffer from mental health issues. What better than a little Hygge to make us feel just that little bit calmer and happier. After all, if we can’t warm our houses, why shouldn’t we warm our hearts?

The chances of living in a student house with an open fire are slim to none. Additionally, Hygge is an expensive hobby. It’s ultimately one long winter treat yourself session. Think luxury tea and coffee, mountains of soft blankets, Yankee Candles and extravagant meals. What sort of student can afford that?

There are actually some surprisingly cheap ways to achieve ultimate cosiness…

  1. The internet is a great tool.

The first step to successful Hygge is to set up your atmosphere. There are albums and albums of rain sounds on Spotify, or you can simply go to rainymood.com and listen to the soothing white noise of thundery showers whilst feeling extra pleased that you’re snuggled up inside. You could also pop on some smooth jazz along side it. White noise is so easy to have on in the background and can even make your more productive.

2. Lighting is key.

Remember when you first moved into your room in first year? You probably put up fairy lights to make it feel homely. Well if you still have them, put them up and turn them on. Whilst you’re at it, most supermarkets sell cheap scented candles that are almost as strong as Yankee Candles. Not only do they add some gentle flickering light, but you can make your room smell beautiful.

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3. Bring on the fluff.

Steal blankets and pillows and throws from your parents house and grab a couple of your favourite cuddly toys and chuck them all on your bed. The fluffier the better. If you need a bit more neutral coloured fluff then head to IKEA for some Scandinavian pillow covers and little rugs. Minimalist decor is best. Get matching pillow covers and rugs from IKEA in neutral colours and watch your bedroom transform.

4. Stock up on warm, comfy, loungey clothes.

Bring out those warm winter socks you got in your stocking last Christmas. Pop your slippers on, pop on a dressing gown or an oversized jumper. Put on a onesie or tie a blanket round your neck like a cape.

5. Your favourite comfort food and drink.

Keep an eye out for price reductions of your favourite snack food and hot drinks, then grab it whilst it’s cheap. Think about the food and drink that really make you happy and then keep some at the back of your cupboard for when you feel the need to treat yourself. Drinks such as chai tea are perfect for a festive, wintery, spiced beverage.

Credit: Olivia Henry/Unsplash

6. Add some greenery.

Succulents and Orchids are some of the easiest plants to keep alive so invest in one of those to add some life to your newly created cosy haven. Keeping something alive is also a very rewarding feeling.

7. This is one of the hardest and probably something that you get nagged about a lot, but…

Really really try to reduce your time on social media. For one day, try removing the social media apps from your phone and only checking them when you’re on your laptop. Try for a day and then two days and then three. See how long you can last.

So there we go, indulge yourself in comfort and feel a new sense of calm wash over you.


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