Top Tips for Staying Productive Over Easter


With exams looming and deadlines just around the corner, staying productive over the Easter holidays can be a tricky one. With only 24 hours in a day, it often seems impossible to make time for everything and everyone, balancing university work with seeing friends and family, as well as taking a well-deserved break to re-charge your batteries. However, by following these top tips, you’ll find yourself transforming your day of procrastination, into an uncommonly productive one.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep – As much as you want to, don’t stay up to 3am watching Netflix, save it for tomorrow. You’ll feel better and ready for the day ahead waking up after 8 hours sleep, rather than 4.
  2. Morning routine – To be productive, a morning routine is essential; it will set you up for a fruitful day, putting you in the right mindset, and will soon become natural.
  3. Don’t skip breakfast – Food is your friend; an energising breakfast will wake you up, speed up your metabolism and get your brain working. Also, take time out to eat lunch and dinner; it’ll give you a break from your work, as well as re-energising you.
  4. Drink water – When you’re dehydrated you have less energy, so keep drinking and you’ll immediately become more productive, whilst also benefitting your health and preventing headaches.
  5. Make lists – Every Sunday evening, plan out your week ahead, know what you need to get done. It is also so satisfying to see a list completed.
  6. Take breaks – Being productive doesn’t always mean working every single minute of the day. Breaks keep you motivated, and keep you healthy, watch some TV, exercise, or even have a whole rest day once in a while; this will prevent tiredness and boredom, and keep you enthusiastic.
  7. Reward yourself – You completed everything you wanted to? You finished your assignment? Well good on you, go out for a drink with your friends, treat yourself to a relaxing evening; you deserve it. This will motivate you to get more done.
  8. Turn off your phone – As much as it kills me to say it, turning off your phone will immediately transform your productivity. Cutting out that ‘ding’ when you receive a text or notification will prevent you from checking your social media every 5 seconds.
  9. Be positive – The best way to become unproductive is believing that you won’t finish something, or you’re going to fail. Be happy, stay positive, and say YES; this will transform your mindset and motivate you to work harder.
  10. Work out what’s important – Is re-watching all 4 seasons of Orange is the New Black more important than passing your degree? I would assume not. Have a reality check – work for 2 hours, then treat yourself with an episode. It’s about moderation.

So until someone finds a miraculous and incredibly genius way to give us more time in a day, following these top tips is the perfect start to adding hours to a previously unproductive day.


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