The One Piece of Stationery Every Student Should Own


Relying on a calendar to organise your time is certainly not a ground-breaking piece of advice. Just look at your phone, odds are that you’ll already have a calendar app automatically downloaded on there. Whether you use it or not is another story. However, as smartphones continue to become just an extension of ourselves, the beloved appointment calendar is dying out.

Although they are no longer the most convenient option, a physical calendar as a means of scheduling my time has certainly made me a more productive, organised version of myself. Gone are the days when I depended on Facebook to let me know that an event was starting in one hour’s time. Have an essay due in two weeks? On it. A friend’s birthday? Already bought a present.

Having the visual aid of what I have coming up that month has had an unprecedented effect on my productivity. I’ve found that I’ve come to enjoy scribbling down plans on my calendar (the fact that it’s just so pretty also helps) and it helps me feel relaxed in light of my busy schedule. Everything feels totally under control and all without relying on another form of technology… Craving that same calmness? Here are the Wessex Scene’s top picks of organisational stationery.

  1. Caroline Gardner Weekly Calendar
Credit: John Lewis

The weekly calendar is something of a beginner’s guide to stationery. They’re great because you can use them as and when you feel like you need to organise your time. Whether you’ve got a particularly busy social schedule or want to plan your weekly food shop, this one by Caroline Gardner makes for the prettiest addition to your desk space.

  1. Rifle Paper Company Weekly Calendar
Credit: Rifle Paper Company

The Rifle Paper Company is winning in its calendar game – they have an option for all tastes. Although I personally prefer the visual aid of an entire month, others may find the weekly snippets a more effective and bitesize way of organizing themselves. With 52 sheets, this option provides you with a years-worth of stationery bliss.

  1. Lost Ocean Calendar
Credit: Paperchase

Jump on the colouring trend with this illustrated calendar. Not only does this allow you organise your time, and thereby feel more in control, but colouring in has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to unwind and de-stress. So if you’re feeling anxious about the stress of an upcoming busy period, grab your colouring pencils and delve into an old favourite childhood pastime.

  1. Rifle Paper Company Appointment Calendar
Credit: Rifle Paper Company

I’m not one for making New Years Resolutions but when I decided to tackle my stress by getting organised at the start of the year, this appointment calendar by the Rifle Paper Company granted all my stationery wishes. Beautifully illustrated with seasonal flowers, with plenty of space to write each day’s events, as well as extra space for general notes, I couldn’t have designed a more practical piece of stationery myself. It’s my holy grail calendar and I feel lost if parted with it for more than twelve hours. Forget losing my iPhone, my life is on that calendar!


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