Fancy The Scoop On Scoops?


Let’s be realistic here, dessert is the best part of the day, and with Portswood Scoops just around the corner from Highfield campus, how much can you resist? We at Wessex had very little will power and instead have put our ice-cream fuelled experiences into a review. Keep reading to see what our writers thought of it!

Overall score: 8/10

Credit: Rachael Smith

‘10/10 – great service and very accommodating to people’s preferences!

‘7/10 because I’ve literally never been anywhere with so many vegan options!’ (Just a heads up, that’s sorbet, no vegan ice cream as of yet)

‘9/10 – the Nutella, Oreo and banana waffle tasted great and was super filling. Would definitely have again

Credit: Rachael Smith

‘7/10 – Food was enjoyable, the banoffee waffle was a simple but elegant combination of flavours which worked comfortably; a classic well executed. The ice cream was slightly too cold for my liking and I barely used it with my food, but a negligible matter in relation to the general dessert. Service was acceptable, slightly disorganised in terms of awareness of our booking, but after a bumpy start, improved tremendously and accommodated for our orders very well. Though I feel there could have been more uniformity in timings of the orders coming out for a group booking. Though a splendid and affordable experience for every student to enjoy!

Credit: Rachael Smith

‘8/10 think they may have got order wrong for one of us, but hard to be too critical considering it all tasted great and the round circle sofas are comfy – plus Cookie Heaven is heaven, dough not tell me otherwise!

‘8/10 I really enjoyed my Cookie Dough! As a child you always want to eat the dough whenever you bake anything – and with this you can! Manager is lovely and it’s a great place to go with mates if you don’t fancy going to the pub

Credit: Rachael Smith

In conclusion, if you have a sweet tooth and an evening with nothing to do, I would highly recommend Scoops with their range of flavours and strong customer service.

Go on, treat yourself.


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