Scrabble Wall Art: The Perfect Gift


Recently I attended my brother’s wedding which I was so excited for until I remembered that I was expected to bring a gift. I was completely clueless as to what they would like. My brother and his new wife have lived together for a long time so all the essentials, like toasters and blenders, were out of the question. Whilst endlessly scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, the answer fell into my lap when I came across Scrabble Art. 

Scrabble Art is personalised, crafty, unique and best of all, affordable. It has all the factors to make a prime present. So next time you’re stuck for what to get a friend or family member then this might just be your solution!

Step 1) Make sure the frame you are choosing is a good size. The frame I went for was 30x30cm but even then it could easily have been a little bigger. I took a risk and bought it online at Amazon for a reasonable £13.99 and thankfully it paid off. Remember that the frame must be a ‘Deep Box Frame’ as a normal frame does not allow anywhere to put the scrabble letters.

Credit: Unsplash, Moritz Schmidt.


Step 2) Get creative with the words you want to include. This step is probably the hardest because it takes a lot of planning and it is time-consuming. It could be a good idea to find a good friend who loves crosswords and bounce ideas off each other. Remember to be cautious of the size of the frame whilst you plan out your words as they are likely to spread out and must fit.

Step 3) Buy lots and lots of Scrabble Letters. Annoyingly, I made the mistake of only buying one bag with 100 letters inside and soon realised I needed a few extras of the letters I had already used. I would say buy a minimum of two bags to be on the safe side. Don’t worry though, it won’t break the bank, Ebay sells them for £2-3 a bag.

Step 4) Choose a background that you think they will love. I personalised mine with a map of the world because I was gifting it to people who love to travel so remember who you are making it for when deciding on a background. Make sure you can get a big enough sheet to cover the whole frame. From my experience, it’s better to go bigger and cut it down than to go too small. The background could be floral, polka-dots, zig-zags or whatever else you can think of.

Credit: Unsplash, Ruthie

Step 5) Get gluing! Stick your background onto the frame along with all the words that you have made with the Scrabble tiles. I would recommend laying out your words beforehand to be sure that they all fit and make sense. Then, simply let it all dry.

Step 6) Lastly; if you want to add a little sparkle, I bought a bag of tiny, plastic crystal gems from Ebay for £1.50 and carefully tipped them all to the bottom of the frame before attaching the frame back together and making sure it was all secure.

The End Product

Credit: Freya Millard

It’s easy to make, it wasn’t too expensive and the outcome is fantastic. Hopefully, this has given you a little inspiration for the next time you are stuck for a present or just want a fun arty project for yourself.


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