Protect Your Skin This Summer


Undoubtedly, we’ve all grown up being nagged about wearing suncream. It’s all fun and games going to the common for a BBQ or sitting at Stags with a pint until you get back that night and slowly become a more vivid shade of fuchsia.  

Ultimately, sunburn increases the risk of skin cancer. You can burn in the sun but you’re also just as susceptible to this danger on cloudy days. I do not wish to fail all of those people who have nagged you previously, therefore, I will continue with their great reign. Wear suncream. Please.

I understand that it’s a faff to bring with you, annoying to reapply during the day, it may feel uncomfortable on your skin and it gets stuck in between your fingers. Yet, unarguably, these small disadvantages of suncream are outweighed by the benefits of wearing it. There are so many different forms and formulas of suncream nowadays that these excuses seem pretty weak.

Credit: Superdrug

P20 (SPF 15) is sold at Superdrug for £13.99. Now I realise that this is expensive for suncream, but the good thing is that you only have to apply it once for the whole day; so you can apply before you leave the house and you don’t have to take it with you. Also, the formula is like an oil so it won’t leave you covered in streaky white lines, and it will give you a nice shine and the appearance of healthy skin: which you will not have if you do not wear it!

If the price of that suncream was too much for you, I understand, but you still have no excuse not to wear it because you can buy extremely inexpensive versions from high street shops as well. Superdrug also have their own brand of suncream that you can buy for just £2.99. So if you’re worried about spending money, this is the perfect solution for you.

Suncream is sold in all supermarkets, pharmacies and health and beauty retailers. Still on the fence? Well, here are your main options surrounding campus: Sainsbury’sBootsSuperdrugThe Shop, Waitrose, as well as any pharmacy. All of these places are selling suncream that you should be buying to protect your skin this summer. They are all within reach, so go and stock up. Even if you already own suncream, check the expiry date because they usually have a shelf-life of one or two years.

A UNILad video has recently been circulating Facebook of a boy who has obviously not worn suncream on a sunny day and returned home looking like a lobster. The pink colour of his skin is atrocious in comparison to the skin that has been sheltered by his shorts that day. As a ginger, I am constantly buying and wearing suncream, but I’ve noticed that sunburn is becoming more and more comedic when really it is truly dangerous and extremely painful. A girl I met recently dropped into conversation that she was going to sunbed later that day and I was silently appalled. If a tan is what you want, just fake tan. It looks exactly the same without causing irreparable damage to your skin.

If you are one of those people who still sunbed, listen to the NHS who claim:

Health risks linked to sunbeds and other UV tanning equipment include: skin cancer, premature skin ageing, sunburnt skin and eye irritation.

As much of a faff as suncream is, there is literally no good reason not to use it and use it generously. Stock up for summer because you would not wish the alternative on your worst enemy.


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