Today Is National Relaxation Day 2017!


Today, 15th August 2017, is National Relaxation Day. The aim of the day is to focus on winding down, taking it easy. It is just as important to do nothing as it is to do something.

We’re all lucky enough to have summer holidays and whether that be abroad or at your home, you can make the most of this day wherever you are. If you’re struggling to settle down and cannot stop carrying out your summer reading and researching your upcoming modules with excitement and delight then here are a few ways to help you celebrate National Relaxation Day:

1) Watch TV – It may sound simple but it is quite a difficult task. You must find the comfiest clothes you own, I recommend pyjamas but the choice is yours. You must find the best place for you to watch: your bed? your living room? the sofa? From personal experience, if your preferred watching space is the sofa then there are further questions you must ask yourself: where is the best place on the sofa? The arm of a sofa is always great because you can rest your arm which is probably tired from all the typing you have been doing, emailing your module convenors etc for the upcoming semester. You will need to sit somewhere that has your bum molded perfectly to its cushion and you need to bear in mind the potential glare of the sun because trying to enjoy a rom-com with a glare is an impossible task.

2) Read a book – Now to some this may seem more of a chore than a task of relaxation but I often feel more relaxed when I do an easy task that remains vaguely productive. If you have any books that you need to be reading over summer for your upcoming modules, you could always sit in your perfectly molded sofa seat and get a head start. It’s easy, just sit and read and then the back of your mind won’t be thinking about other tasks to do because, technically, you’re getting things done by simply reading.

Credit: Unsplash / Lilly Rum

3) Hot drinks – I am a strong endorser of tea, the classic bog-standard builder’s brew, it can’t go wrong. There’s something that can be truly relaxing about sitting in your garden with a cup of tea and simply watching the birds fly around you and time pass by. I don’t want this to get too philosophical but a tea can do wonders. I am a more recent convert to fruity teas also so if normal tea isn’t the one for you I so recommend fruity teas because they can often be much sweeter than tea which can taste a bit too leafy. I am a huge fan of Waitrose Blueberry, Lime & Coconut tea as a proper treat if I’m willing to splash the cash because it really just tastes like hot melted sweets.

4) Have a bath – Baths are the universal sign of relaxation. It is also great because you could do/have all of the above whilst in the bath. Whatever the weather, light some candles, shove in some bubble bath and get in the tub. There is no time limit, you can be in and out or you can be awoken in two years on National Relaxation Day 2019, it’s up to you!

Credit: Unsplash / Karla Alexander

Please enjoy reading a book, watching Netflix and drinking a cuppa in the bath tonight.



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