With This Tattoo, I Thee Wed


Robert Fiore, ‘the Wedding Tattooer’, attends weddings to ink both the bride and groom but also willing guests. Fiore is the owner of Red Lotus Tattoo in Lonsdale, Pennsylvania and he has been a professional tattoo artist for 20 years. This new modern take on the wedding ring is becoming a more and more popular decision for newly weds to replace having a wedding ring with, arguably, a more permanent form of affirming their commitment: a tattoo. However, as beautiful the sentiment is behind this, there are definitely both positives and negatives. 

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One of the many benefits of a tattooed wedding ring is that it is able to stress to the wearer the amount of commitment and dedication that a marriage demands. A tattoo, ignoring the options of removal and cover up, is inked onto your body for eternity. It is a more deliberate way of conveying the devotion that marriage requires along with the devotion of this mark forever on your skin. The permanency of this new form of commitment could potentially allow individuals to now be able to fully comprehend what they are entering into. Of course I don’t mean that everyone enters into marriage blindly, however, the wedding ring is largely symbolic and can be taken off whenever and wherever, put in your pocket or put on the windowsill whilst you do the washing up. This cannot be done with a tattoo. It is a constant reminder of you sharing your life with another person. Also, it is quite common for wedding rings to be lost or misplaced which causes the owner significant distress, however, a tattoo obviously eliminates the danger of this.

A benefit of this new form of the wedding ring means that the couple can allow themselves to be more creative in their expression. There are many varieties of wedding bands to invest in but the options for a marital tattoo are truly endless. You are in no way limited to your fourth finger, it could expand to your entire hand if you wanted!

Credit: Allebach Photography

Despite there being many advantages of this matrimonial tattoo, there are undeniable disadvantages also. As pessimistic as I sound, for many newlyweds their marriage may not last forever due to a variety of reasons for example adultery. From my experience with BBC dramas, it seems quite common for people to remove their wedding rings in order to cheat on their spouse which clearly cannot be done with a tattoo unless you use some industrial concealer. It is not unlikely that the ‘victim’ of an adulterous marriage would not want to be constantly reminded of an unsuccessful marriage which emphasises the benefits of a wedding ring with it being able to be removed easily.

There are countless more pros and cons to this new marriage trend but if you’re up for a little bit of pain, then the strong sentiment behind this could definitely become a more common replacement of a traditional wedding band.


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