Make-up on the Go: Time-Saver or Time-Waster?


The recently discovered ‘Pout Case’ is a phone case that doubles as a make-up holder. I’m rather doubtful as to whether this is worth the £30 price tag, however, I’m willing to discuss the advantages along with the disadvantages for you to then make your own decision about whether or not to invest in this new product.

The case slides out from the back of your phone case to reveal a customisable palette to fill with blush, bronzer and/or highlight that you can use at any given moment.

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Firstly, I’d like to address the positives accompanying the product. It cannot be denied that the case does allow ease of access for you to do some touch ups when you’re out. The way it’s designed means that your makeup is kept in a compact case so it’s taking up a lot less room up in your bag. Therefore it allows you to take a smaller bag or with you because your makeup will still fit inside without being crowded. Also, in theory, it reduces the risk of any of your make-up opening or being damaged while in your bag, as this is a very compact and seemingly firm case that it’s kept in. The design also allows you to carry a variety of makeup in the same palette.

However, as much as there are positives, there are disadvantages to this product too. I somehow struggle to imagine that the quality of this make-up is particularly amazing. It does seem to bring back memories of the make-up plastic phones you used to be able to buy in Claire’s, which had less than perfect make-up in them! As well as this, it does seem to beg the question, if you want to bring make-up with you, why would you only want these three items? Would you not want to take anything else with you to top up? I, for one, would want more than just these three items if I was planning on topping up my make-up at all. While I understand the idea of using your phone as a mirror and not having to hold anything else while you apply the make-up, I find that the image quality on my phone camera can be awful in certain lights, and that an actual mirror works much better, which then defies the whole point of having your phone/mirror and make-up in one object.

The expense of this also seems to outweigh any positives to me, as with the case being £30, and each pan of make-up being £20 each, I would rather buy make-up and pop it in a normal make-up bag myself. The case does generally have good reviews, with it being described as ‘game-changing’, and the ‘first of its kind’, but it remains to be seen how well this case, and the make-up itself, would actually perform. Maybe it’s the ‘first of its kind’ for a reason…


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