Save Money on Your Food Shopping with ITV


ITV’s coming out with the second series of Save Money Good Food presented by Susanna Reid and chef, Matt Tebbutt and they are looking for people to participate.

ITV is looking for all kinds of couples and families, up and down the UK who want to save money on their food bill and learn how to make new, quick, easy recipes.

The show primarily shows people how to shop for food on a budget without compromising on quality or taste. Each week, the pair spend time with a different family/couple and help them make wise choices on their weekly shop.

According to ITV, 92% of people have no idea what their weekly food bill is despite it being the biggest weekly household expense.

As a student, I feel like I’m constantly wanting easy recipes to make and I’m always conscious of how much money I’m spending on certain ingredients so if you want to learn more, maybe talk to your family about whether they feel the same way.

To contact ITV use either WhatsApp (07599081310), Twitter @savemoneyfood, Instagram @moneysavingfood or email



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