Best Dressed At Bunfight


Wessex Scene have been scouting around Bunfight today to find the most stylish of Southampton residents. Here are our personal favourites: 

1) Emilie, English Literature (2nd year)

Emilie focussed her style on a Burgundy theme, with her paisley scarf being the focal point. She got the scarf from Morocco so unfortunately, it cannot be bought from your local New Look but I’m sure something very similar can be found!

2) Melody, International Banking and Finance (Post-grad)

Melody’s yellow skirt stole the show this morning as we spotted it from a mile away. The neutral, pastel jumper paired with this yellow skirt makes the outfit really bright and memorable.

3) Sarah, Oceanography (1st year)

Sarah’s relaxed look seemed perfect for popping to a lecture or the library. The jeans and brown jacket with bright red shoes and bag that her Dad bought her from Nepal makes her look casual yet very put together!

4) Angelo, Electrical Engineering (1st year)

The bright blue jacket with contrasting yellow lining combined with a simple pair of jeans made Angelo’s look a memorable, stand-out one in the middle of the Red Brick. The jacket is from Best Company, an Italian brand.

5) Kieran, Politics (3rd year) and Sarah, Physics (2nd year)

This stylish pair were extremely coordinated as they strolled around the Bunfight. Kieran’s taupe hat from Marks and Spencer’s worked in perfect harmony with Sarah’s jumper that she picked up from Cancer Research UK. Don’t underestimate the shops that you often may forget about!

6) Ying, TESOL (Post-grad)

Ying wore a gorgeous floral midi dress with a classic denim jacket. Her outfit would be perfect for the mid-season crossover when you leave the house and you’re not sure whether to take a jacket or not. Her large, brown bag is perfect for stowing anything and everything that you might collect during Bunfight, from flyers to bottle openers.

7) Roberta, Bio-Chemistry (1st year)

Roberta’s outfit epitomises the newly approaching autumnal weather. Her black dress covered in white hearts from ASOS paired with a leather jacket, a staple for anyone’s wardrobe, eases her into the new semester. This look is perfect if you’re planning to meet your friends for a drink after a lecture, it easily works in any occasion.

8) Charlie aka. Mr Succtopus, Psychology (2nd year)

Mr Succtopus ingeniously paired the subtle autumnal tone of orange with a contrasting dark, rich purple fabric that really makes his eyes pop. The look combined with practical, comfy sneakers makes it perfect for trekking around Bunfight. Mr Succtopus is the mascot for Southampton University Canoe Club.

9) Rebekah, Midwifery (2nd year)

We hunted Rebekah across campus, running and pushing anyone that came in our way. She wore a baby pink fluffy jumper that was from a charity shop in London, that she thinks was for children but props to her for being able to fit in it! Her bright, vivid leggings were from Nike where a huge selection can be found.

10) Mr Bowie and Will, Environmental Science (2nd year)

Mr Bowie rocked the vivid, neon jacket outside the marquee. His casual style and relaxed demeanour paired with piercing ice blue eyes caught the attention of every passer by. His owner, Will, wore a patterned hat that he acquired from Indonesia on his travels. Mr Bowie is the mascot for Environmental Sciences Society.


All images are credited to Laura Swinburne


Former English Student | Travel Editor 2016-17 |Current MSc. International Politics | Editor at Wessex Scene for 2017-18.

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