How to Make Your Halls More Homely


Despite the exaltation of post-exam success and the excitement of what Freshers’ week has in store, the thought of moving away from home and starting a new life at university can be a daunting one. However, this anxiety can be relieved by giving your uni room some TLC and adding your own personal touches. By giving your uni room its own sparkle, it will seem less frightening and more like home. 

Homeware shops are the perfect place to find items to make your bedroom feel unique. There are so many different products that can help give your room its own identity. You will be spoilt for choice with everything from rugs to photo frames and fairy lights. Some of these items can be pricey and so, understandably, you may think that pimping your uni room on a student budget is an investment that you can’t quite afford. However, do not fear! It is possible to give your new room some personality without breaking the bank. Here are my top three ways to make your room more homely and less dreary without plunging into the dark depths of your overdraft.

1) Bunting: Bunting is an extremely cost effective way to spice up your room and make it more individualistic. Get your DIY cap on and cut and stitch a variety of different fabrics to your heart’s content. Choose your favourite patterns and designs and make it personal to your own style. You can really get creative with this little project using an array of spots, flowers, Aztec patterns and more. Once you have done all the cutting and stitching all you have to do is simply string on your fabric triangles to an old washing line and there you have it, your own homemade bunting.
If you are not the creative type, you can still purchase a variety of different types of bunting cheaply online or from fabric stores. I love bunting and my floral set definitely added a splash of my personality to my uni room when I lived in halls.

2) Posters: Keep your eyes peeled at the Student Union fairs for the poster sale where you can purchase a variety of different ones for discounted prices. You will be spoilt for choice with posters of pop stars, films, quotes and so many more. However, if the poster sale doesn’t live up to your expectations there are a multitude of websites where you can have a browse and find the right one for you. One crucial top tip that I would give you is to make sure that you use white tack instead if blue tack when sticking up your new purchase. You don’t want the hassle of having unwanted marks on your wall during room inspections.

3) Photos: Putting photos on display is the best way to make your uni room feel more familiar. Not only is it a daily comfort to see memories on your wall of your family and friends but it can also be a great conversation starter. Your flatmates may ask about particular photos and therefore this provides you a chance to share stories with them so they can get to know you a bit more. If you are not already provided with one then I would highly recommend that you invest in a pin board. You can attach loads of pictures onto it making it far more cost effective than wasting your money on photo frames.

There is really no need to feel down and dreary in your uni room. It may be skeletal when you arrive but you can personalise your new space and make it a familiar and welcoming place where you can feel at ease and you can definitely do this all on a low-cost budget. You don’t have to break the bank to turn your halls into your home.


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