#TimeToCare with Awemix Watches


Awemix is a newly established company that creates affordable wristwear in collaboration with a variety of charities. 20% of every watch sold is donated to the collaborating charity.

Credit: Awemixwatches.co.uk


Credit: Awemixwatches.co.uk

The company was created by brother and sister duo, Michael and Sandy Niman. Awemix chooses the causes they want to support, with their current watches raising money for Wildlife & Conservation and Breast Cancer Awareness. Afterwards, the Awemix community vote on specific charities relevant to these causes they have chosen.


Awemix Watches can also now be found in five stores around East Anglia, with further national expansions planned.

The bright and uniquely designed watches are eye-catching and aim to draw attention to the worthy causes that the company unites with. Currently, Awemix watches are teaming up with Keeping Abreast, a charity that supports those with breast cancer or the hereditary BRCA gene who are undergoing considering or undergoing immediate or delayed surgery. The charity offers information and support to those suffering from these conditions. It is clear that the design of the watch leaves little to the imagination but the overall effect of the design is extremely powerful as the breast cancer sufferer’s breast is replaced by the clock face and the easily recognisable pink ribbon associated with breast cancer awareness. On the pink strap are the sketched words “Fight like a girl” which is also a powerful message in the context of the collaboration.

Also, Awemix watches are joining with Norfolk Wildlife Trust. This charity is the oldest Wildlife Trust in the UK, founded in 1926 to safeguard a single Nature Reserve, Cley Marshes. The Trust cares for over 50 nature reserves and other protected sites across Norfolk – 12,000 acres managed for wildlife and people to enjoy. They restore and reconnect vital habitats for our wildlife and significantly contribute to the ability for future generations to love wildlife too. Awemix was kind enough to send me one of these collaborations so I could see the brilliant product for myself.

The watch arrived in a safely packaged cardboard box, wound up inside a branded jar. The watch itself has a 38mm case and the face of the clock is quite chunky; great because it’s large and clear therefore easy to read. The strap is made from a lightweight silicone band which feels extremely comfortable on your wrist and this material also means that the watch itself is waterproof so you don’t have to worry when you check the time in typical British torrential rain. Again, the design is beautiful and links to the collaborating charity as it is covered in geometric colourful animals such as elephants and whales. The design is clearly linking to the charity without simply plastering it in the charity logo. The more subtle yet pertinent design means that the watch is easily wearable on a daily basis. Because silicone is so bendy, it means that you can swap out the clock face or the strap with another.

Credit: Julia Beazley


Credit: Julia Beazley

The watch comes with a 2-year warranty which is perfect because my previous watch, I hate to admit, was from Sainsbury’s for £8 and sadly had broken within 2 months. The watch is on sale for £20 with 20% of that sale being donated to whichever charity has collaborated to create that specific watch. As a student, I think this is an extremely friendly price for a watch with countless qualities and that is contributing to these exemplary causes.

Michael and Sandy Niman have said that “We’re proud to support such fantastic local charities and have the opportunity, through Awemix Watches, to give back to communities that have supported us and so many others.”

If you have a charity to suggest that Awemix collaborate with, comment below!


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