Give It A Go: I Wore Statement Earrings For A Week


Recently, statement earrings have been flooding the Instagram Discover page and I have become obsessed. Usually, I default to studs because the probability of them getting caught on something and literally ripping my earlobe in half is not so much of a concern. However, with the trend becoming more and more prominent, I felt I had to give it a try so I bought seven pairs of dangly earrings and I went about my day-to-day life wearing them to see how they would fare. 

Day One


Credit: Julia Beazley

As a stud-wearer, I wanted to definitely ease myself into the upcoming challenge of the week so I wore some simple, vaguely short feather earrings that I was given as a gift. However, a similar pair can be purchased from Amazon. I often avoided these earrings because of my fear of dangly earrings but I bit the bullet and wore them out for longer than ten minutes in my bedroom. Surprisingly, these were the perfect pair to ease myself into this week because I was very aware that I was wearing them but they weren’t so long that I was getting worried about them getting caught in my hair or getting yanked off. It wasn’t so obvious that I was wearing them unless I pointed them out because dangly earrings were a big deal to me but after this day I felt ready to take on the week!

Day Two

Credit: Julia Beazley

The second pair I wore were from New Look for £5.99. The fact that they were black didn’t limit what I wore them with and they were likely to go with anything. On the website, they are described as ‘Shoulder Duster’ earrings which they are not – unless I have a hugely long neck – but this was a pleasant surprise. However, even though they weren’t resting on my shoulder, I did flinch and jump on multiple occasions because I thought a spider was in my hair, but after a while the feeling of something dangling off my ear was easy to ignore.  I personally really enjoyed wearing these earrings and they are definitely able to be worn on a daily basis and on a night-out to glam up an outfit. The only downside to these earrings is that they have a metallic finish and when I put earphones in, it was really irritating to hear the incessant tapping of my earrings against my earphones as I was trying to listen to music. But hey, this is one of the few sacrifices I have to make for fashion.

Day Three
Credit: Julia Beazley
On the third day, I upped my game slightly and leveled up to some large, gold stars – please hold your oohs and aahs until the end. The thing that I liked about these was that they also tapped into the trend of those earrings where all the business happens in the back: studs in the front, statement in the back. So they simply worked like gold, star stud earrings but attached to the butterfly on the back of the earrings was a much larger part. I found these a bit easier to get on with because they were kept away behind my ear and weren’t so petrifying if I felt it move across my neck. Also, I thought they looked quite cool with my hair colour without screaming out that I was wearing statement earrings. An inevitable downside to these earrings was that I couldn’t tilt my head too far to one side because the points of the star would literally stab me in the neck.
Day Four
Credit: Julia Beazley
This day was my least favourite because these were my least favourite earrings. They were much too long and I thought they made my neck look unnaturally short as a result. The tassel part of the earring arrived bent and they were £8 from Bershka so it wasn’t brilliant, and there wasn’t much I could do to straighten them out apart from to wear them and hope for the best. I really like the top teardrop part of these earrings with the beads because the length is perfect, but the tassels underneath, which I thought that I would love, were not the one for me.

Day Five

Credit: Julia Beazley
I was most excited for day five because they were loud earrings, very loud. The statement for these earrings was probably “I am insane” but I could not wait to put these pieces of metal into a hole in my earlobe and call it fashion. When I wore these earrings and asked my flatmates for their opinions I was greeted with warm, complimentary phrases such as: “They are actually horrible. No, like horrible.” and “Oh God”. In one of my seminars that day, my tutor simply referred to me as “pink-earring girl” which is now a name that I fully identify with. The only downside to these earrings is the ‘diamond’ part at the top: on the photo, I swear it is not so big and obnoxious whereas, in person, it really just looks like a very fake, very big diamond sitting straight on your earlobe. However, this part can be easily covered by your hair and the bright, fluffy, neon pom-poms are a good distraction from this.
The pink pom-pom earrings were by far my favourite statement earring of the week and I definitely saved the best until last in that case. If you are the least bit interested in any of these earrings or generally broadening your earring horizons then there is absolutely no harm in buying a cheap-ish pair and seeing how you feel. How will you ever know that you have an undying passion for statement earrings if you are stuck in the boring world of studs?
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