Easy Group Costumes That Are #SquadGhouls


Not long left to go until Halloween 2017 and you and your flat still have no clue what to dress up as? Even though being scared is the whole point of Halloween, never fear! Here are some spooktacular group costumes for you to force your flat into this Halloween: 

1.For all of you who make it to the 30th still clueless about what to dress up as (and I hate myself for suggesting this) but the minions are always an option. As inescapable as they are, all you need is dungarees, a yellow top, black gloves and you could buy/draw on the iconic round-framed glasses. The dungarees you can all easily wear again and you can get cheap t-shirts from Primark so there isn’t the huge concern about keeping the costume in good condition for the next fancy dress party you visit. Also, the more people you get to agree to dress as minions, the more hated you will be as a group so there’s always that…

Credit: Amazon / Minions Movie Deluxe Plush Buddies – Bob

2. Another easy group costume that could be completed with a simple, cheap trip to Primark is the timeless Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: green trousers/skirt, beige top and some cheap material that you could cut up to use as your mask that you simply tie around your eyes. Now the crucial shell can be done in many ways depending on how much you care about this group costume: you could DIY your own shell with papier mache and hours of painting and hard work or you could print the shell pattern and stick it to your rucksack…

Credit: Instagram / @MsLorena

3. Another easy group costume: Care Bears. Each of you picks a colour and if you are really attached to a particular bear you could assess your traits and decide who is Brave Heart Lion and who is Grumpy Bear (often the decision for Grumpy will be unanimous). Simply print out your carefully selected icon and stick it to your belly and bam, you’re a Care Bear.

Credit: Amazon / Care Bear Cheer Bear Bean Bag Plush Toy

4. All that is needed for this group costume is white/light clothing and black paint and a no attachment to the clothes that you will wear on Halloween. Simply polka dot the paint all over your flatmates and bam, you’re Dalmations. Similarly to the minions, the more of you that commit to this costume the better and if you actually get 101 people to get involved then bonus points to you!

Credit: Flickr / @maj-lis andersen

5. The easiest of all the costumes: just get yourself to a printer and get a picture of the emoji you most identify with. Wear whatever you like and have it in your hand ready to hold it up to your face as soon as someone judgingly asks “So…what are you?”

Credit: Instagram / @adoseofayydos

6. In comparison to emojis, this one’s a bit more of an effort, however, it would be brilliant. Pop down to Primark and buy red leggings and a red top with a pair of black shorts and print of the iconic ‘i’ and you and your group can assign roles to become the Incredibles. If there is a particularly small person, girl or boy, in your group then they default to become Edna Mode – no excuses.

Credit: Amazon / Mrs. Incredible Bodysuit Fancy dress costume

7. Finally, there is always the option of the timeless classic Grease. If there’s a couple in your group – that’s Danny and Sandy sorted. Black trousers and a leather jacket with a perfectly gelled quiff is Danny Zuko to a T (-Bird). Curled hair, a black bodysuit, and leggings with heels – there’s your Sandy Olsson. Everyone else can either be a T-Bird or a Pink Lady: white shirt and black trousers or a pink jacket/top with a white skirt. Easy peasy!

Credit: Brit + Co

No, you’re not going to win any awards for Best Dressed if you turn up to a party in these outfits however you will get less abuse than if you turn up wearing jeans and a nice top and ignore the fact that it’s Halloween altogether. Head on down to Primark or Prime some last-minute additions to your outfit and have a great Halloween 2017!


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