Lifesaving Laundry Tips for Students


So you’ve been at uni for a couple of weeks now, and let me guess, your wardrobe is rapidly emptying itself into your laundry basket… Maybe you’ve done the sniff-the-armpit test a few times, maybe you’ve worn your pants inside out, but you can’t string it out any longer. 

Laundry is never a fun task; it takes ages, it can be expensive, and when you’re in halls it means you actually have to go outside and fight for a machine on what is inevitably a hungover Sunday morning. We’ve all been there, and judging by the fact that a whopping 60% of students who move away from home for the first time have never (or very rarely) done their own washing before, the chances are that you’re not alone.

But fear not, Robert Dyas have a few, student-friendly tips on how to beat laundry anguish, so now you don’t have to be that student who greets their parents’ with an overflowing bag of smelly clothes. There’s also 10% student discount at Robert Dyas at the moment so it’s a good time to get the essentials!

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  1. Firstly, part of the reason that laundry becomes such a big task is because we let it; leaving it until we have no more items of clothing left before we drag ourselves to the laundrette. So, how about buying a smaller laundry bin so that you cannot let the entirety of your wardrobe pile into the abyss of the linen basket before you do a wash. That way you won’t end up with creased clothes from over-filling the machine either.
  2. Beat the shrinking stress by learning to understand those strange little symbols on the labels of your clothes. They tell you at what temperature to wash your clothes which is key as there’s nothing more gutting than pulling out your favourite jumper to find that it’s now only of any use to a toddler.
  3. Be prepared, suss out your detergent options before you go. The easiest bet for a student is capsules that contain both detergent and fabric softener, as it keeps your clothes smelling fresh and all you have to do is throw the tablet in with your clothes. Keep an eye out for when they are on offer in Asda and stock up!
  4. Before you head to the laundrette it is also worth separating your whites and your darks, because contrary to what your know-it-all flatmate (who has undoubtedly never used a washing machine in his life) might say, it does matter, and your white t-shirts will need replacing. If you don’t have enough laundry to merit two separate washes then get yourself some colour catchers that you can throw in with your clothes.
  5. Lastly, Robert Dyas suggest that you get yourself a heated air dryer and avoid using the tumble dryer – it will dry your clothes quickly for a fraction of the cost, and it also means fewer trips to the laundrette and far fewer cases of shrinkage! Why not go halves with a flatmate to spread the cost?

These handy tips should make your first trip to the launderette far less stressful, and if I can give you any advice from a student’s perspective, it would be to take a friend – it’s far better to laugh than despair when you’ve accidentally dyed all your whites navy. Oh, and a laundry fund is essential; there’s nothing more frustrating than heading to the launderette in your last clean pair of pants to find that you only have a tenner, and are going to have to trek to the shops with that killer hangover – trust me, I’ve been there.


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