Halloween: Itching to Get Started


With Halloween coming up fast, we find ourselves trying on every mask we see in every supermarket that we visit, but recent research has revealed that we need to think before thoughtlessly putting on wigs and masks before buying them. 

Head lice are found everywhere around the globe but America has the highest number of lice infections; according to researchers, more than 12 million a year for the children who attend child care or elementary school. It’s most common among children aged between three and eleven.

Head lice cannot fly or hop, they move by crawling. But this season it’s not just your school that could give you head lice, it’s your Halloween costumes as well. Stop trying on costumes in shops because they could well give you head lice.

Lice travel from wigs and mask which people wear in the stores before buying or sometimes for fun. Head lice feed on human blood and could be found on your hair, eyebrows or eyelashes. WTOL says, ‘Doctors have reported an increase in head lice at this time of year and surprisingly, it’s not just because it’s back to school season’.

Paediatric Nurse Practitioner Cherie Sexton said, ‘we have a lot of people going into stores right now, trying on masks, trying on costumes, and trying on wigs. A lot of people don’t give much thought to the fact that several people could’ve tried it on before them’.

Head lice can be most the annoying thing and could last in your hair for 7 days, but according to The American Academy of Pediatrics, ‘there is no reason for children with lice to be kept away from school’.

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If you want to avoid having a lice-ridden head then, after purchasing the product, seal it in a plastic bag for next 48 hours which will help to kill the lice. The other alternative is to put the costume on a high heat for 45 minutes, but this is only applicable on a dryer-friendly material. And if you cannot control yourself from wearing the Halloween wig at the store you can still avoid having lice by wearing a swimming cap.

Headlice can cause irritation, itching, sores on the head and tickling feelings. Over-the-counter medication can be applied to the affected areas on the head to help with these issues. If you do contract lice, use a Lindane shampoo and then extract it out with a very fine comb. Make sure you have clean bedding and clothing during this time and avoid head to head contact. If things don’t get under control, get to the doctor and have some prescription treatment to eradicate the lice.


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