Give It A Go: My Boyfriend Dressed Me For a Week


My boyfriend, Sam, is not what I would call a style icon as such. He’s no fashion god, but he does a decent job of dressing himself, so I allowed him full control and let him dress me for a week. Here’s what he decided. 


Image Credit: Sam Bell

Monday was a good day. The week started promisingly, we were visiting Cheddar and Bath for the weekend, so Sam chose a very city glam outfit. A high necked, slightly bat-winged, burnt orange top from H&M. Very autumnal and fitting for the season. He paired it with a denim skirt from Topshop and tights  – his second choice after my black jeans were still wet from washing them the day before (damp student house problems). However, accompanied with some suede ankle boots, I think the outfit came together very well, perhaps even better than my go-to black jeans that I always wear.


Image Credit: Sam Bell

Tuesday was a bit of a doss day for me, I mainly stayed in doing uni work so Sam opted for more of a comfy outfit for the day with my oversized hand-knitted jumper my grandma made me (cue the awww) and some plain black leggings, and I chucked on some black toms whenever I needed to leave the house. A great chill outfit, I approve.


Image Credit: Sam Bell

Aside from the fact this is a god-awful picture of me, the outfit and my feelings about it on this day could be summed up as “meh”. I do love this Zara shirt, I remember seeing a super cool girl at Stag’s karaoke last year wearing it and mustered up the courage to ask her where she got it, fortunately she’d only bought it last week. Having owned nothing like it before, I loved the linen white shirt with the floral embroidery. Unfortunately, I am not the super cool girl at Stags and have always felt I could never quite pull it off. Tie or no tie? Too much to tuck, too baggy to have out. If anyone has a suggestion as to how I can make this shirt work please let me know. He paired it with classic blue skinny jeans and my holographic silver converses (odd choice I must say), because apparently both items show my ambition to be cool and fashionable… lol.


Image Credit: Sam Bell

Although it’s hard to see, today Sam chose my newly purchased Topshop burgundy dungaree dress, as it was different to everything I’d worn that week and he wanted to show the variation in my wardrobe. He paired it with ketchup red brogues which, when he lazily suggested them from the warmth of under the duvet whilst I was getting ready for my morning lecture, made me wince a bit. Burgundy and red are not the same colour. But, I did as I was told. It was only when I reached broad daylight I realised how much they aren’t the same colour. Despite this colour mishap I did enjoy wearing this outfit, and actually quite liked this change in shoe choice.


Image Credit: Sam Bell

By the end of the week I was getting bored of Sam dressing me, and with my moaning about wearing uncomfortable skirts, shirts and dresses he finally allowed me to wear “a classic Amy outfit”: comfy ripped boyfriend jeans from River Island, and of course – a stripy top. I am a lover of stripy tops and my collection is just too numerous to count. I was very happy with this choice.


Image Credit: Sam Bell

A chill Saturday, living my best life in my favourite place – Coffee #1. No makeup, baggy jumper (actually my mum’s old maternity jumper which I stole – oops) and a black cosy scarf.


Image Credit: Sam Bell

Excuse my spider hands – by the end of the week we were both pretty bored of trying to remember to take pictures every day! This outfit is a throwback to the kind of stuff I used to wear when I was like 14, in my pop-punk Paramore phase (come on, we all had one) I used to wear plaid shirts religiously. I still wear them now occasionally but styled a bit more cool and casual with a black top and black jeans. This necklace is a gemstone necklace I got on holiday, and Sam decided it would be perfect to bring the whole outfit together.

A week that lasted a lifetime… but I’m thankful I can gain back some control over my life by choosing my own clothes now!

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