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Thomson has recently created an interactive map celebrating ‘Secret Sweets Across Europe’. The map allows you to celebrate the best and lesser-known sugary treats from the continent. There are certain places to visit in Europe where you have to try a certain thing such as Portuguese tarts from Portugal. It’s undeniable that satisfying your sweet tooth on holiday can sometimes be the best bit!

The interactive map allows you to click on certain locations on a map to see an image of the confectionery produced there and you are able to find out more about the sweet treat such as where it’s from, what’s in it and more general information. Examples on the map come from all over Europe, not simply France and Spain but also Belgium and Slovenia.

Here are some examples of some pastries, puddings or sweets that feature on the map:

France’s Clafoutis is the baked fruit dessert from Limousin. It is packed with black cherries and supposedly derives from the Occitan word ‘fill’ which is more than likely what I plan to do with it: fill my gob. The best place to eat it is The Bistrot Limousin in Saint-Junien.

Credit: TUI

Italy’s nougat-like treat Mandorlato Torrone is local to a small commune called Cologna Veneta. Cologna Veneta even has its own annual nougat festival!

Credit: TUI

Portugal’s sweet treat is from Lisbon: Bolo Rei is a traditional cake covered with candied fruit and it is often eaten around Christmas time.

Credit: TUI

With the huge following of such programmes as The Great British Bake Off, Martin Nolan at Thomson Lakes and Mountains’ claims that the map is ‘a great tool people can use to learn about the rich history of delicious European desserts’.

So if you’re planning to go Interrailing or generally travel Europe over Christmas or summer then make sure you use this interactive map to hit up the most relevant sweetie spots for you!



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