Staples for Your Wardrobe Whilst You’re Studying Abroad


Even though there is a huge variety of different countries that you may potentially visit on your year abroad, do not believe that if you are in a hot country you will not need a coat and if you are in a cold country then t-shirts are unnecessary! Here is a list of some staples for your wardrobe – whatever country you’re travelling to!

1) Flip-flops
Now, hear me out on this one! Of course, flip-flops are obvious if you’re being sent to Spain. No one wants to wear thick socks on the beach! However, even if you’re in a vaguely cold country, or a country not known for its heat, do not underestimate the power of flip-flops. They are the greatest footwear to simply bung on and hang about in. Also, they’re great when you’re going to and from the shower because the horror of wet feet in socks should be avoided by all.

2) Basic t-shirts
Whatever the weather, the t-shirt is a thing of beauty. You can pair it with a scarf, a jumper, and jeans and be out the door, or simply with a pair of shorts in warmer weather. To be tactical – investing in simply a plain black or white t-shirt is best because you can wear it with absolutely anything. A casual look consisting of a white t-shirt and a blue pair of jeans and a more formal look with a black t-shirt tucked into a skirt. They are cheap and you will definitely get your money’s worth out of them by wearing them on many different occasions!

3) Thin jumper
A jumper, specifically a thin one, is another staple because it can be used in all kinds of weather. For example, you can use it to layer in a colder country (with your trusty t-shirt) but even in hotter countries, there’s no guarantee that every day is going to be sweltering which means a light, thin jumper would be perfect!

4) Raincoat
Again, this one may sound odd however to be without a raincoat in the pouring rain is the worst – isn’t it just better to have it? Again, it’s a clear item to take if you’re off anywhere in the UK, but even if you’re heading to Madrid, bring one with you! You can tie it around your waist at an outdoor concert or have it at the ready if you’re heading to a waterpark just in case!

Credit: Unsplash / @saltnstreets

5) Sunglasses
Sunglasses are often a last-minute thought as you pack because they’re an accessory, not clothing, but this definitely does not mean that they are not as important! They can be a great fashion statement whether you’re hanging out at the beach in Barcelona with your new friends or going skiing with them in Switzerland.

These are only a few ideas for staples for your wardrobe, wherever you end up, but with these as inspiration, you can extend these basics across your suitcase with ease and you’ll thank yourself when it’s boiling in Ireland or freezing in Barcelona.

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