British People Prefer Cards Over Texts at Christmas


A recent study has found that Brits would prefer to receive a physical Christmas card as opposed to any other form of merry wishes at Christmas time.

At Christmas time, Brits send 23 greetings cards each year and spend an average 45 minutes writing them – approximately two minutes on each.

I’ve grown up in a definite Christmas card culture when my family sends cards around town to a variety of people from my Year 1 teacher to the postman to the old lady next door. Every year at Primary school, we would draw a Christmassy scene – be it a robin that was essentially a red circle with eyes or a poorly coloured-in Christmas tree. The school would send off our designs to be printed on Christmas cards and our parents would fork out to buy 20 crap cards to send to family and friends when it was likely that they’d much rather buy some from Sainsbury’s for a quarter of the price and be done with it…

However, with the obvious increase of technology, it’s expected that the number of cards that are sent at Christmas time would decrease because everyone’s putting up Facebook statuses or mass texts of Christmas wishes but this is not the case.

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Half of the participants that were included in an Oxfam study revealed that they would be upset if they received Christmas wishes over social media instead of a card.

8 in 10 admit they’d hate to see technology taking over one of their favourite times of the year, and 64% think those who don’t bother to send a card have lost the true spirit of Christmas.

83% thought that more thought goes into sending Christmas cards than a text message or post. I agree with this because it is undeniably nice that they have thought of you and written your full address on an envelope and bought a stamp to make sure that you receive this card on time. However, people send so many Christmas cards per year, it is likely that they were watching Elf and writing countless cards mindlessly repeating Merry Christmas and have a happy new year! for an hour and a half without thinking about who it was going to…

Credit: Oxfam Charity Christmas Cards

Fee Gilfeather, Head of Customer Experience at Oxfam, said:

Us Brits love our traditions, and this survey proves our nation is united when it comes to festive greetings. Electronic messages just can’t replace reading a handwritten message from a well-wisher, or the lovely decoration they bring when strung up at home. And unlike some charity Christmas cards, every penny of the profit raised from Oxfam Christmas card sales goes to a good cause – fighting poverty at home and around the world.

Those who thought that would feel offended by receiving an electronic Christmas message explained themselves by stating the lack of effort that texts required.

I know, as students, Christmas cards are the last thing on the minds of most of us but from this research, imagine what a lovely surprise it would be for your family, your grandparents, your friend who goes to a uni far away to receive a Christmas card from you – if you send it or just turn up with one!

Mrs Gilfeather also said that “Last year the money raised from your Christmas card purchases was enough to help children recover from malnutrition in Niger. Safe, clean water now flows in their communities, making sure that these children can grow healthy for years to come.”


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