Scented Tattoos Are Now Available


Everyone remembers those temporary tattoos that you would get from Claire’s or the ones that came with those white candy sticks that everyone pretended to smoke when they were 11. However, in 2017, temporary tattoo creators have officially upped their game.

Tattly are selling scented temporary non-toxic tattoos that last up to four days on your skin. They are created with vegetable-based ink that’s FDA-compliant so they are suitable for all ages. So if you were planning on giving your baby or your elderly grandparent a temporary tattoo, it’s completely safe!


They are being sold on the Tattly website and the beautifully detailed watercolour flower illustrations are designed by French artist Vincent Jeannerot.


Tattly recommends that the temporary tattoo is placed somewhere that is oil and make-up free because it will help it to last longer. When you purchase a set, you are provided with a complimentary Tattly sponge to use. The whole process is just like any other temporary tattoo – place the tattoo where you want it, wet the sponge and hold it on top for thirty seconds and simply peel off. It is also easy to cut up the tattoos so you can mix and match your design.

The best thing about the tattoos is that they are not extortionately priced. For a set of 8, it is around £14 and they come in a multitude of designs and scents like rosemary, safe, peony and hydrangea. This is significantly cheaper than committing to the real thing and the real thing does not have the option to smell like your favourite flower so this is definitely an avenue worth the venture.


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