8 Diaries to Plan Your New Life in 2018


2018 is fast approaching and with that comes the dread…resolutions. Many of us choose to get more organised and therefore the first step is investing a brand spanking new diary for 2018 and this decision will require a lot more thought than you first expected. An evening browse turns into a week’s investigation so I’m trying to best to limit the search for you here and now.

Credit: Paperchase

Now bear with me on this one, I know it’s horrific and garish however if you’re trying to get your life on track – there is no possibility on this earth that you would be able to lose this diary.

If you got this out at the library it would blind at least eight people in the near vicinity so if you left it, someone would shout you back within five seconds.

This holographic diary is a compact A5 size that costs £14 from Paperchase.

The days of the week have their own page each so if you are planning to be a busy bee this could be great to be able to put every little thing on a full page of the diary.


Credit: Amazon



It’s fully understandable that some of us won’t be so keen on starting 2018 with pink holographic diaries so for those of us who simply need adiary to get the job done, Amazon are selling this Collins plain black diary for £7.48.

The diary, unlike the pink above, is A4 so will be great if you’re wanting a hybrid diary for both your social events and organising your lectures and seminars. The pages are so huge that can literally put in any and everything from a meeting with your PAT to a reminder that Strictly’s on at 7pm.


Credit: Temptation Gifts


This Alice Scott diary (£9.89 at Temptation Gifts) is almost a compromise between the minimalist black diary and the horror story that is the holographic pink one.

I personally am a huge fan of typography but sometimes it can be a bit wishy-washy and look a bit naff so the fact that the typography on this diary may not be noticed at first glance could be perfect for some of you.

I also like the words. It will hopefully encourage you to keep your resolution going – stay organised and stay busy! You can do it!

This diary shows one week per double page which is a clear and organised way of seeing your week. At the start of every month there are also questions to plan such as one thing to get done, one thing to try and one place to go.

Credit: Paperchase



If typography is a bit naff for you then this bright diary from Paperchase could be a great alternative.

It’s bright, without being noisily neon, and minimal because of the simple pattern and clear year on the side.

It’s £10, A6 and has a day per page with times included so if you want to improve your punctuality, this would be great.



Credit: Amazon

This is one of the simplest but prettiest diaries I found in my research. The sky blue and the gold is very minimalist but I think because it’s such a pretty exterior it would encourage me to keep the interior up-to-date and just as pretty and organised!


Inside, it shows you one month at a time so you can put really important dates e.g. deadlines in to see clearly how long you have but it also shows a week per double page which allows you to get into more detail with what you’re getting up to!

Also, I don’t know why but the elasticated band around the diary calms me slightly so I can tuck little pieces of paper in there and they won’t be at the mercy of the bottom of my rucksack.

The diary is £14.99 on Amazon and eligible for Prime.


Credit: WHSmith


I get that some of you boys out there may not be interested in holographic pink diaries (some of you might be and go for it!) so here is a more gentlemanly diary with a strap around it that, again, calms me slightly.

It costs £12.99 from WHSmith and it’s A5 so compact and ready to be chucked in your rucksack and taken along with you wherever you go.

This diary includes notable dates too which I take comfort it so if you ever desperately need to know when St George’s day is, it’ll help you out.


Credit: Temptation Gifts


Moving away from minimalists and more towards the crazies of the group, here’s another pink number covered in gold foil polka dots and gold lettering.

It’s neon pink so again, you’re not going to lose it any time soon.

This 2018 diary is £9.89 from Temptation Gifts. A whole week is on the left side of the page whilst the right hand side is a notes section – it would be just as easy to extend the week across both pages yourself and ignore the notes section if you wanted!





Credit: Staples


Finally, something a little different, neither minimalist nor garish. This 13-month wall calendar is for those of us who don’t like the idea of having to lug a diary around with us across campus and for every second of our lives.

The wall calendar owner prefers having every element of their life on one document.

Yes, the space for filling in events is smaller, however, this one 85 x 61 cm piece of paper is the mastersheet of your own life.



I really hope that you and your new diary have a long, happy and organised year together!

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