Pilates With Puppies


In Asheville, North Carolina, Cisco Pilates specialise in private Pilates lessons. These include the new craze for dog fanatics: pilates with puppies. Of course, they are selling out super fast.

In early 2017, Alexis Miller was at an event where the Asheville Humane Society had puppies available for adoption. She held a puppy and it was then that she decided that everyone needs more puppies in their lives. In recent years, exercise with animals has become more and more common such as yoga with cats, yoga with goats and now pilates with puppies.

Credit: www.ciscopilates.com/puppies

The first class took place in October 2017 and its popularity has only grown. Working with the Asheville Humane Society,  individuals take a mixed level Pilates class with puppies let loose in the room. $10 is charged for participation, and 100% of the ticket sales are donated to AHS also.

This new fitness craze has been featured on countless news outlets such as Yahoo! News, Stay Tuned, Mix 94.1, Kiss FM 99.3, Shape Magazine and Pop Sugar.

Shape Magazine has said ‘We could go on and on about how amazing dogs are. Not just because of their unconditional love but also because of all the physical and mental benefits that come along with owning a canine pal. That’s why it comes as no surprise that they’ve inspired one of the most adorable workout trends ever: Puppy Pilates.’

If anyone’s heading near North Carolina at any point in 2018 then you have to book in advance for this but it definitely looks worth it!

Here’s more info: https://www.ciscopilates.com/puppies/


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