5 Possible Cards For Your Valentine


Whether you’ve been with your partner for weeks or years, it is guaranteed that they will appreciate getting a card from you with a short, handwritten message inside. The card selection can be rushed when you pick any pink one while you’re halfway through your food shop, however, I believe that cards are vital for any Valentine’s Day. Gifts are a whole other issue but finding the perfect card for your partner is one less weight on your shoulders.

1. Sainsbury’s (£2)

Firstly, I will say that even though supermarkets are not known specifically for their card selections, they are usually quite impressive and aren’t too expensive: this one is £2. The only possible issue that you may run into with Sainsbury’s cards is that your partner may have the same idea and could get you the same one (depending on how well you know each other!) Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets are easy for us all because they are so close, and we don’t have to trek into the city to buy a card which seems a bit pointless.

I am a huge fan of a solid pun on any card that I’m receiving and a funny card is a great one whether you’re early days or three years in.

Credit: Sainsbury’s / Ha Pea Valentine’s Day Card Single

2. Paperchase (£5.50)

I believe Paperchase to be the connoisseurs of cards and stationery so the quality and craftsmanship of their cards are much higher than supermarkets but with this increase in quality becomes an increase in price.

This pop-up card from Paperchase is £5.50 and if your partner gets sad when flowers die (I know I do) then this doubles up as a card and a bouquet.

Credit: Paperchase / Rose bouquet pop-up Valentine’s card
Rose bouquet pop-up Valentine’s card

3. Card Factory (99p)

There is a Card Factory on Portswood high street and I strongly feel that it deserves more recognition amongst students particularly. The deals and prices of their cards are incredible if you are tight on the purse strings. Card Factory has a deal where you can buy five cards for £1 (otherwise they would be 75p)! If you have a lot of people on the go at once, this deal is perfect for you.

My Grandma always gets my birthday cards from Card Factory with four pages of a rhyming poem which I have grown to love but they also sell funny, cringe romantic and pretty cards too. They are a card shop so it would be expected that they would have the biggest range!

Credit: Card Factory / “Diamond in the Ruff” Pug Card

4. Moonpig (£3.29)

Similarly to Paperchase, Moonpig can be expensive because you’re personalising the card with your own printed message and photographs. This card shop is perfect if you’ve been with your partner for a while and have managed to cumulate a good selection of photographs with the two of you that you can use on the front of your card!

Credit: Moonpig.com

5. Handmade

Lastly, do not underestimate the sentimental value that can accompany making your own card. That way you don’t have to find the perfect card for your partner because you know what they like! Favourite colour is pink? Pink theme to the card. Do you like a good pun? Google puns on their favourite thing for the cover! Buy some small stickers and crafty bits to stick on the front and you’ll be suprised by how much they will treasure your hard work!

Good luck on your card ventures!


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