Incorporating ‘Friends’ Fashion Into Your Wardrobe


Being a student often feels like Rachel Geller’s experience in the first few seasons of Friends; she’s broke, doesn’t know how to adult, and a bit of a mess. Like in the first episode, when she deals with her inability to get a job by buying great ‘work boots’, you should procrastinate university by instead focusing on more important things…like clothes. Luckily, the outfits and styles on ‘Friends’ are surprisingly adaptable to the university lifestyle.

Invest in Patterned Trousers 

Patterned trousers are a perfect way to make your wardrobe a little bit more exciting.

If you’re a Phoebe, they’ll be loose and hippy-ish (classic ‘gap yah’ trousers if you will) and you’ll wear them with a bright top and a no-cares attitude.

If you’re Monica, they’ll be sophisticated, probably pinstriped, and you’ll wear them with a plain – but still chic – top in a neutral colour.

If you’re a Rachel, the trousers will, most likely, be casual plaid joggers or leggings, and you’ll either wear them with a comfy tee and lounge around the house (and still look incredible because you are just one of those people) or with a tied shirt.

Luckily, patterned trousers are very ‘in’ right now, and so an easy investment.

Credit: Pull and Bear / Red Checked jogging trousers £19.99
Credit: Pull and Bear / Striped tapered fit trousers £25.99










Layer, Layer, Layer








Layering, as the Friends girls well know, is a wonderful thing. A little T-shirt and a jumper can transform your ditsy summer dress into a much more transitional and casual outfit, whilst a polo neck can make any dress or outfit instantly more chic and wintery. So go! Look in your wardrobe and find all your tops and layer them under dungarees, flowery dresses, little camis or more wintery dresses for an instant update.

Credit: New Look / Black Cross Hatch Pinafore Dress £19.99


Credit: H&M / Fine-knit polo-neck jumper £8.99
Credit: ASOS / Honey Punch Slip Dress with Lace Trim Split in Ditsy Floral £14
























Friends shows us that there are so many ways to rock a shirt.

A slightly off-beat patterned short sleeve one can be paired with simple black jeans, and maybe a funky jacket, for a nonchalant but charismatic look, whilst one tied around your waist with a mini skirt looks completely adorable (and perfect for a date, for example.)

ASOS Marketplace is a good place to look for this kind of unique and vintage shirts, but the high street also has some great offerings, such as these from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

Credit: Urban Outfitters / Urban Renewal Vintage Originals Overdyed Plaid Flannel Shirt
Credit: Forever 21 / Banana & Palm Leaf Print Shirt £13



















Rachel Green might be a style icon, but much of her wardrobe is composed of basic pieces, which almost anyone would have in their wardrobe. Her effortless style – at least in the first few seasons – speaks to the power of basic items and what they can be transformed into. After all, not every outfit has to be an attention-grabber; sometimes it is the most subtly attractive outfits that are the best. It is, therefore, worthwhile to stock yourself up with a couple of classics which you can rotate around your wardrobe.

Credit: New Look / Petite Black Corduroy A-Line Mini Skirt £19.99
Credit: H&M / Denim dungarees £24.99
Credit: Forever 21 / Contemporary Metallic Tee £11








Patterned Dress








On the other end of the spectrum, a couple of statement pieces – like a dress in a surprising print – can offset the neutrals in the rest of your wardrobe.

Worn alone in summer, or layered over tops and tights in winter, a print dress can look great all year round. A great offbeat dress, like this wonderful Mona Lisa one worn by Phoebe, can be hard to find, but Motel Rocks is always a good place to try for fun prints, whilst the print of this Nobody’s Child dress is charming and has a 90’s vibe.

Credit: Nobody’s Child / Purple Seersucker Check Slip Dress
Credit: Motel Rocks / Sanna Slip Dress in Valeria Rose Black and Red by Motel £20









Friends fashion is not quite as hard to emulate as Rachel Green’s constant glamour seems to suggest but don’t get too distracted by shopping or watching Friends on Netflix or, like Ross, you will be yelling ‘we were on a break’ when asked why you haven’t studied in days.


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