Cluttr: An Innovative House-Share Organisation Solution


House-shares can be a real challenge. No matter how good friends we are, and no matter how well we think we all get on, living together is a totally different kettle of fish and a potential catalyst for unwanted dispute. Fortunately, Southampton students Tundé Alao, Boetang Yeboah and Landon Vago-Hughes have have created ‘Cluttr’, a handy app to make everything run a little more smoothly.

Available via the App Store and Google Play, Cluttr allows for management of household tasks such as bills, rent and even shopping all in one place. It currently has three main features: ‘chores’, ‘supplies’ and ‘payments’, and PayPal has recently been integrated to make managing money even more convenient.


This feature allows for fair allocation of and reminders about household chores. You can select the dates for recurrence, people involved and order of rotation. Each housemate will receive a notification to remind them when it is their turn to complete the chore.

Credit: Plato Apps Ltd


You can add items to a shopping list in ‘supplies’. It is also possible to choose to split the bill with other housemates and, with PayPal now integrated into the app, it is much easier to settle any debts. However, if the item is just for you then you can create a private shopping list that no one else can see.

Credit: Plato Apps Ltd

You can also create a list of frequent items using the ‘favourites’ feature. This could be useful for listing the most frequently used items or items for a favourite recipe. These items can be added back onto the main shopping list from the favourites list.

Credit: Plato Apps Ltd


Using the payments feature, you can keep track of any money that you may owe or may be owed to you by adding it to the payments page. The app will even send you a notification if someone changes a payment concerning you.

Credit: Plato Apps Ltd

Coordinating timely payment of household bills such as water, electricity and gas between multiple people can be painful. The ‘payments’ feature helps to simplify this process by enabling the creation of a recurring payment within the app, which will notify each housemate on the chosen day to remind them to pay whoever is responsible for sending off the full payment. This reduces the need to chase people up. Again, having PayPal already integrated into the app makes it extra convenient for everyone to pay up on time.

The Creation of Cluttr

The students started working on the app last summer, and by the end of September it was completed and ready for download. However, they continue to update and improve it.

Boeteng told Jennifer Frimpong:

For many people, the biggest thing is fear, particularly uni students, the fear of venturing into the unknown. If you have an idea and you believe that it is feasible, just get started and continue working on it until you are satisfied with the outcome. I saw a quote one time that said “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”. Bite the bullet and get started!

This certainly isn’t all we will hear about Cluttr as the team already have many ideas for the future of the app with plans to make it more sociable and enjoyable to use. They will soon be introducing features that allow housemates to create events and even a newsfeed as well as features that will help housemates to budget and keep track of their spending. They are also working on solutions that will enable communication with landlords via the app.


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