Give It A Go: I Drank Every Drink Through A Metal Straw


100 million straws are used across the UK and there is approximately 30,000kg of plastic straw waste every year. The SUSU Shop has recently brought out a range of environmentally friendly products, including metal straws, which I plan to use for the next few days. I’m not just going to be using it to drink squash and water but I’m going to use it for every single drink I drink – taking its use to the next level! 

Even if you don’t think you use straws that much, they’re often put in drinks on nights out without a second-thought. If you’re having, on average, four drinks a night, that’s at least four straws binned (assuming that you’re not doubling up either!)

The timing of this ‘experiment’, if I can call it that, timed itself perfectly with me getting a huge ulcer and I do think using the straw helped a lot – if you’re wanting some ulcer advice.

Flat, cold drinks

I purchased my metal straw from The SUSU Shop for 99p and eased myself in with a simple bottle of flat spring water. At first, I thought its height would be a bit short but it was actually perfect. The length of the straw means that it fits in the average water bottle and you can trap it in the bottle with the lid without having to carry it separately. The water was delicious. My water was cooler than normal, which I’m assuming, is due to the straw. I’m excited for the rest of the week.

Hot drinks

Credit: Julia Beazley

As scary as it sounds to be mixing hot liquids with a small, conductive metal straw, it was actually brilliant. Above is a photo of what the man watching me through my Webcam would be seeing for a large majority of this week.

Today I broadened my horizons by drinking tea through the metal straw. The first rule: do not leave the straw in the mug when making the drink. I did not think and poured boiling water on my straw which clearly conducted the heat so scalded my mouth when I went to use it. Leave the straw out of the mug and put it in when you are sure the drink is cool enough! Do not scald your mouth. You are better than that.

Other than that, drinking a hot (or lukewarm) drink through a straw is quite nice but is clearly not as easy as drinking a bottle of water and storing the straw under the lid.

After you wait for the drink to cool so you don’t burn your tongue through the straw, the metal is great for keeping your drink warm. This works both ways! The metal of the straw, I found, also helps keep the drink cool as you have it.

Fizzy drinks

Back to reality today, I had a Pepsi through the metal straw which was oddly comforting. For me personally, this is what straws are to be used for: fizzy drinks. For some reason, it always tastes better.

This was an odd experiment from start to finish but I’m glad I did it and I will definitely keep using my metal straw and keep it in my bag. It’s easy to clean and it’s reusable, making it more environmentally friendly. For some reason, I found I was drinking a lot more with the straw: be it water or tea. I seem to get through drinks much faster with a straw as opposed to just glugging it. I have no doubt that I am more hydrated also.

In the three days of only drinking through the metal straw, I have realised that if I had been using plastic disposable straws, I would have used at least twenty that are likely to have found themselves in our oceans. This small change will make all the difference.

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