How to Give Yourself the Ultimate Treat Night


Now that deadline season is beyond us, we can actually think about all the healthy changes we were going to make in the new year. Fear not, however, as chocolate is n0t banned from this occasion – we are talking about healthy changes to the mind, which means you can take liberties with a tub of ice-cream… or three. You know you deserve it, so here are a few essentials to ensure your night in is as beautiful as you!


It wouldn’t be a girls night if it wasn’t kicked off with a Lush bath bomb for you to soak in. For any vegans out there, you will be pleased to know that Lush is a cruelty-free brand so win-win! Alternatively, if you’re in halls, before a luxurious shower, make sure that your towels and bathrobe go in the dryer to be extra toasty. Then hog the shower with some Dove shower gel and foam up!


Give your hair some love after all that dry shampoo and condition it with a moisture-renewing brand. If you’re already waiting for that next loan to drop, Alberto Balsam is a cheap but fancy option, or you could always splash the cash on the John Freida Frizz-Ease line. Afterwards, massage a bit of argan oil on the ends if you want to give your hair some extra care – a very cheap and common product that can be found everywhere on the high street, from Poundland to Primark!


You’re probably wondering why all of this is relevant? If you look good, you feel good. You don’t always have time in your day-to-day life to take a step back and strictly follow the beauty regime you can plan out, but on your night in you have the time. You need to look after yourself inside and out.

So, the next step is a face mask – any mud or sheet mask are most effective on the skin, but no need for the cucumbers as they don’t actually do much and we students can’t afford to waste food. Pore strips are a no-no as yanking half your face off is NOT part of treat night!


We all know Netflix is a given in this choice, so you can go one of two ways: the really cute and conventional chick-flick (preferably from the 90s), but that isn’t for everyone. In the 21st century, we’re past stereotypes. I myself am partial to a good old-fashioned documentary: preferably by Louis Theroux and preferably about serial killers. For some reason, it’s soothing looking into the psyche of a criminal whilst munching on snacks.


The world is your oyster my friends, but my advice would be to treat yourself to something you haven’t had to cook yourself: you won’t have time after your pampering. Lucky for you, I spent the last year scouring Southampton for the perfect cheesy chips, and that is a prize presented to Sal’s Kebab house – the right consistency of grease and potato and the cheese isn’t too potent. Cheese and carbs is always a winner.

On to… dessert. If you really feel like splashing the cash get Sprinkles Deliveroo’d, but I would recommend getting your own bottomless-pit supply of a share pack of chocolate and Ben and Jerrys (chocolate fudge brownie, naturally). Give yourself another Halloween. Why not?


Get all the blankets. All the cushions. All the throws, quilts dressing-gowns, bed-socks and anything relatively warm onto your bed, or if you’re lucky, your couch. Become the human burrito you were always born to be and don’t move until the next morning.

I hope this treat night guide is handy to those of you who struggle to turn off after a long day of revision. Everyone deserves a night of relaxation!


Wessex Scene Editor // meme queen // fan of chocolate digestives // @colombochar on Twitter.

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