Restaurant Review: Piecaramba!


Piecaramba! opened in Bedford Place in December last year and I recently headed over with a group of friends to try out their menu. The restaurant does exactly what it says it does: it sells pies. But this isn’t your normal traditional pie shop. With 21 different unique pies, there’s so much choice, especially as they cater for vegetarians, vegans and have gluten-free pies.

Piecaramba! first started in Winchester in 2016, and has opened another branch in Bedford Place. The theme of the restaurant is comics, and not only can you buy comic books from the restaurant itself for £1.50, but the back wall has its own comic book painted onto it. The interior is bright and colourful, with top trumps on every table so you’re never bored whilst waiting for your food.

The owners, Rob and Phil, had this to say about their restaurant:

We are passionate about pies, comics and all things pop culture. Our aim is to reinvent pie and mash, dragging it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. So come say pie!

And they certainly have reinvented pie and mash! Each pie has a distinctive name, with most having humorous takes on films or pop culture – their take on a beef and stilton pie is accurately named ‘Blue Steel’, whilst a mushroom-based pie has taken homage from Lara Croft and is named ‘Shroomraider’.

Credit: Molly Joyce

As a vegetarian, I was pleasantly surprised by both the number as well as the variation of pies available to me! I opted for the ‘Chilli Non Carne’; a pretty self-explanatory choice. It was delicious, with lots of flavour and the portion was massive so I definitely felt I was getting my money’s worth! My friends had a few of the different meat-based pies and all loved their meals, commenting especially upon the fact that the pie was full of filling, whereas some pies can be a bit lacking.

You definitely get your money’s worth here – a pie on its own is £5.75, a meal (which consists of pie, mash and mushy peas) is only £8.95 and for an extra £1 you can add cheese and shallots on top, which personally transformed my meal. For those who fancy a ‘Man Vs Food’ kind of achievement, you can take on the ‘Piescraper’ challenge. It consists of 3 pies, 2 lots of mash, mushy peas, cheese and shallots, and if you can complete it in 10 minutes you get a free Piecaramba T-shirt as well as getting your photo on their wall of fame!

Piecaramba! also offers 10% student discount and is about to launch its summer menu as well as ice creams and alcoholic drinks, so it would be the perfect place for a lazy summer afternoon!


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