Do You #Procrastibake?


During exam season, many of us go to extreme lengths to avoid the increasing lists of our to-do lists. A new, pretty self-explanatory, popular trend has come into play during exam season. Procrastibaking is simple: procrastinating+ baking = procrastibaking.  It is extremely likely that until June 8th many flats will be churning out cookies and cupcakes like there is no tomorrow.

Some procrastibakers prefer longer recipes to short, easy ones because they are better for disrupting the whole day, giving them time to return to work for short periods of time.

Allison Adato, Editor at People magazine, admits:

I should admit that I find many ways to procrastinate, but most of them, like weeding out the sock drawer for singletons, are just not as Instagrammable.

We all procrastinate in many forms: simply indulging in every social media platform that you have, taking that little bit longer to wash your hair, deciding that it is absolutely vital that you paint your toenails right this very second. Now, the most popular trend is baking to kill time.

Credit: Unsplash / @brookelark

The hashtag #procrastibaking has risen to become a popular trend on various social media platforms with people sharing photographs of their bakes along with the task that they are meant to be doing instead of creating white chocolate muffins.

There are currently over 27,000 hashtags on Instagram following this trend from muffin to cupcakes to bread to meringues.

Amy Sentementes, a Ph.D. student at the University of North Carolina, explains:

The ‘fun’ component is essential to procrastibaking, so the content of your product should not be something that you need to make in order to meet your daily nutritional needs.

If you’re struggling with revision and you feel like you’re not giving yourself enough of a break, why not try popping to Sainsbury’s and investing in some baking goodies?


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