Dishes From Around The World


The United Kingdom is the place to be when it comes to education. More than 400,000 international students come to the UK annually. With such a large number of international students comes a huge increase in diversity of different types of dishes from all around the world.

England has always welcomed the food of other countries; you will find everything here, from sushi to tacos and pizza to Chinese noodles. In big and small retailers, they have it all! You can buy Indian spices, espressos, kebabs, kormas and dim sum. You can also find freshly baked bread and Alphonso mangoes. This new cuisine is fascinating and tempting.

Indian, Chinese, Italian and Mexican cuisines are true British favourites as internal dishes. London is a central place to be to experience all different kinds of international foods. It has the best restaurants from Japanese to American food, Thai food to Spanish and Korean food. Not only do the restaurants give you the best foreign delicacies, but delicious takeaways and packed food are also incredibly easy to find.

Recent research tells us that six out of ten dishes prepared in British households are foreign. The British taste and popular go-tos have evolved more towards Italian and French dishes.

”While some people may bemoan the lack of a strong national culinary heritage in Britain, it’s clear that we Brits are actually some of the most adventurous and cosmopolitan foodies in the world”, said Sarah Riddolls of Cauldron Foods.

The weekly markets at different places all around England, or the famous Berwick Street Market in Soho, will give you a wide range of all kinds of international ingredients. So, if you want to prepare any international dishes you can just visit these markets or an international food store in your city and then you are ready to prepare for a big feast. All of this has made British food more interesting and a place of adventurous eaters. Our passion for food has clearly become more open-minded; always ready to experience something new. We could be referred to as culinary magpies who pick up the best.

The noodles, dumplings, soup, pie and sandwiches don’t just have one flavour, either. The recipes and methods of making them vary from culture to culture or city to city. Though it may appear the same, the different cultures mean that the tastes are different too. Nowadays, British kitchens are stocked with all kinds of ingredients: lemons, cardamom, Vietnamese chilli sauce, cinnamon, cumin. This shows that we are always prepared to try new recipes.

Massaman curry, a dish from Thailand, is one of the most popular and preferred meals; it is the king of all the curries. Spicy, coconutty, sweet and savoury, it is best eaten with rice which can mop up the drizzles of curry sauce. You can even buy the packet sauce from the supermarket.

Different recipes, ingredients and dishes have successfully found their way into British culture. The foreign dishes not only taste good but they tell a new cultural story. Having a taste of different dishes unites us all in more than one way.


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