OLIO: The Food Sharing Revolution


A sucker for the reduced section in Sainsbury’s? The rising food waste app OLIO could just be for you.

Launched in 2015, OLIO is an app where users post their surplus food. Typically, this is food nearing its sell-by date, additional vegetables from allotments or just food that people would have otherwise thrown away. All food is listed as free or as a ‘pay as you feel’ charity donation.

Globally we waste over a third of the food we produce, worth over $1 trillion, so this is clearly an issue that needs addressing and OLIO does this perfectly. You simply share your location to browse the app and request items that you want. From there you can message the poster and arrange a pick-up time and location and the food’s all yours. So now, those tins at the back of your cupboard don’t need to be thrown away or added to your parent’s overflowing car to make the trip home for summer. List them on OLIO!

The fact that all items are free means that this app is ideal for saving money, as well as food. You can also add items to the ‘wanted’ section on the app, requesting if anyone in the area has a specific ingredient you need.

What’s more, they have a household items section, where people can list other items such as toiletries, cleaning products and furniture. Given one too many Lynx Africa sets for Christmas? List it on OLIO!

OLIO really is the modern-day equivalent of ‘popping next door to borrow some sugar’ and I think it could be really successful in our University community.

The app is available for Apple and Google Play as well as on their desktop website.


Second year politics student from Northampton

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