Why Do Your Shoes Hurt in the Summer?


In the summer, my feet seem to grow two sizes at least. I blame it on my fat feet or have I developed some kind of seasonal foot disease? Foot experts have revealed, for the first time, why women’s feet suffer in their summer shoes – they wear the wrong size.

Podiatrist, Emma Supple, says:

When the weather warms up, our feet swell in the heat which means we have to squeeze our feet into our summer shoes. This makes skin more prone to blisters and getting generally sore and uncomfortable and is why we always recommended people buy their summer shoes half a size bigger than their winter ones. It can take weeks for feet to get summer soft and ready to be put through their paces in sandals or flip flops.

In the summer, I default to flip-flops and sandals. This year, we’re all aware of how the country is slowly heating up due to unknown reasons (*cough* global warming *cough*), foot specialists have warned that a blister crisis is on the horizon. Our feet have been suffocated in layers of socks and boots in the snow so this weather is a shock for them.

Credit: Pixabay / @Alexandra_Koch

New survey results show that 94% of British women have no idea that their summer shoes should be at least half a size bigger than their winter ones. In the summer, feet get hot and swollen and to cope with blister prevention, we need bigger shoes. We don’t have the same size feet or shoes all year round.

The new survey of 1,087 women aged 16+ across the UK, carried out on behalf of blister plaster experts Compeed, has also revealed that the unseasonable weather may have delayed socks off season for longer than usual, with 92% yet to pack away their winter shoes.

32% of 16-24 year olds say they have been left unable to walk because of their painful blisters. Not only are swollen feet forced into flip slops and sandals in the summer, but also high heels for summer events like barbecues and wedding receptions etc.

In the winter, we rarely see our feet so we don’t give them much attention. My feet are constantly covered in thick socks. I don’t paint my toenails and rarely wear shoes that show my feet. So when summer inevitably rolls around, we often wear the wrong sized shoes and our feet suffer.

This summer, treat yourself to new shoes. You’ll be thanking yourself later!


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