Is There Money to be Made by Selling Your Lifestyle Online?


Nowadays, many Youtubers, Instagram models and bloggers are considered somewhat celebrities, and their success stories make it seem achievable for the everyday person to propel themselves into a life of fame and money. The most popular online stardom is often built by sharing details of personal lives and lifestyles with the world. This may be jetting across the globe, providing reviews and tutorials, or even creating parodies of pop culture. No matter what the topic, what they all have in common is proving that there is a clear demand in the online market for advice and entertainment from just about anyone, regardless of status, money or celebrity ties. 

Yet only a small fraction of online stars actually become household names and gain a large following, so the real question is: What are the odds of someone like you or I being able to actually make money by selling our lifestyles online? Talking about yourselves, your lives and posting aesthetically pleasing photos doesn’t exactly sound like a demanding skill set and that is probably the reason why thousands and thousands of people have attempted reaching online fame, most of whom do not succeed. But even if you’re not interested in gaining fame and only want to make some cash, there isn’t a large success rate either, unless you stay motivated, committed, and constantly keep up with technology developments to be cutting edge. It’s definitely more challenging than it looks, but it’s not impossible. If you’re determined to build an online presence then here are a few tips from experts about how to make a real dent in the market:

Brand Yourself

Colour schemes, logos, fonts, hashtags – every little detail of your channels needs to be consistent and eye-catching. You need to style your online profiles so they are uniquely recognisable.

Stand Out 

Offer something new or you’ll never be noticed. The thing about the internet is that basically every idea has already been done to some level, and therefore to build a successful online brand you need to find a gap in the market and fill it, or take something already there and do it better.

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Consistent Content

As you start out, you’ll likely to only be posting content for a viewership of under 50 people; that may make you feel disheartened and not want to continue putting in your time and effort. Popularity online for most people is not instantaneous, unless you produce one very big hit. Otherwise, you have to build your following slowly and the only way to do that it to produce consistent, high standard content, regardless of whether 50 or 10,000 people will see it.

Target Viewership

Know your audience is marketing advice 101 and should definitely not be overlooked when deciding what type of content you are going to create. Is it a channel about single parenting, make-up for teens, fitness for over 40s? Narrow it down and imagine you are producing the content for just a single individual who matches your exact demographic. This will improve engagement and attract advertisers who are more likely to pay you money if their adverts are going to target a specific group instead of just any random social media user.

Seek Opportunities 

Like most careers in the public limelight, it’s all about who you know when selling your lifestyle brand. Once you’ve established a brand, content and a niche audience following, you can then start contacting advertisers and companies to discuss collaborations and sponsored posts. This step is probably the most daunting one, but it is incredibly important if you want to make money from your efforts. You cannot rely on the hope that companies will come running with offers to you, instead you have to seek the opportunities out, sell your brand and score some connections.


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