Celebrating? Commiserating? Nandos it is.


So, tomorrow’s the day. Are you nervous? The thought of it even now makes me nervous, and I got my results three years ago. I remember being unable to sleep, constantly refreshing the UCAS website (trust me, it doesn’t work until morning, don’t bother trying), and just counting down the hours until the next day arrived.

Results day is a tricky one. You might be jumping for joy whilst your best friend is sobbing their heart out. Maybe you got a place at your insurance choice and you don’t know whether to be happy about it or not. Or perhaps you’re being offered a place through clearing when you had your heart set on your first choice uni. After two years of hard work, it can seem so unfair that it all boils down to those three letters on a piece of A4 paper. It kind of feels like an anti-climax, but it is in that all-important moment you may find yourself opening an envelope showing some life-altering letters. Scary stuff, right?

Whether you get the grades you need or not, try to enjoy the day. It might be one of the last days spent with all your school friends before everyone heads off to different corners of the country; so whether you’re celebrating or commiserating, try and do it together. One thing that will be sure to bring you all together and brighten your day – be it good news or bad – is the prospect of a freebie! Nandos are offering a free halloumi starter to anyone who shows up with their results, as are Pizza Express giving out free doughballs, so dinner with your friends before you all party the night away seems like a no-brainer.

If you do get in to uni tomorrow, these freebies will be the first of many that you can take advantage of during your studies. I would 100% recommend checking the discounts available on Unidays before you buy anything! As the beginning of term approaches, Dell, HP and Apple all offer discounts if you need a new laptop, and Ryman, Paperchase and Waterstones all offer 10% discount to students for your new books and stationery. There are loads more discounts to help you through your time as a student; most high street favourites in fashion and beauty offer discounts, as well as loads of restaurants including ASK Italian, Zizzi, Byron, Pizza Hut and your post-Oceana favourite, Maccies. Other discounts to take note of are 50% off Spotify, £6.50 off Deliveroo, 15% off National Express and 92%(!!) off your Times subscription! All the bargain hunters out there, go get!

So best of luck to you all! Whether or not you see what you want to see on that A4 piece of paper, I hope your results day is full of love, friendship, and free halloumi.


Fourth year English Lit and French student. 2018/19 Lifestyle Editor.

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