Working In The Fashion Industry


The fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise. It is valued at 3 trillion dollars, and accounts for 2% of the world’s GDP. It is huge, and has many sub-industries. Many fashion lovers want to be part of the industry somehow. Here’s some advice on how to make this happen. 

To be part of any industry you need to understand the industry. No industry is easy to understand, but if you research thoroughly, you will get there. Every year, we see significant changes in the fashion industry because of the changing nature of competition and technological development. With the coming of the digital age, things are changing at a great pace. Technology is taking over and thus having an impact, not only on the industry, but also on consumers.

Here’s a few tips that will help you get your foot into the fashion industry:

  1. Do the right research:
    The spread of social media has brought a whole new stage for companies and brands, encouraging them to seek new interactive ways of communication and engaging their consumers. Luxury brands with high brand value develop social media marketing strategies to improve brand recognition and customer experience. For example, British fashion brand Burberry has 8.6M followers on their Twitter account, which is more than Louis Vuitton and Gucci. As social media has emerged on a large scale, it has made research easy for us. If we want to know about any particular brand, we can just check their different social media accounts and gather all the required information. With technological developments in every industry, it is very important to be up to date. Before applying for any kind of job or internship, make sure to do proper research about the company.
  2. Keep yourself up to date with new trends:
    It’s extremely important to know your industry well. The fashion industry is all about new trends, which change every second. It’s important to understand that the fashion industry is divided into two seasons annually, Spring/Summer (S/S) and Autumn/Winter (A/W). Secondly, to keep up to date with the trends in the fashion industry you should follow WGSN Fashion – one of the most prominent online fashion forecasting and trend services. It gives you a huge insight into fashion and lifestyle, and has trend reports, catwalk analysis, design and inspiration. It also has a global calendar which gives you a list of fashion-related events throughout the year. If you are a university student, through your university email, you can register to get free access to WGSN.
    Another website which will keep you up to date about the fashion world is The Business of Fashion (BOF). It is a daily resource for fashion creators, executives and entrepreneurs in over 200 countries.
  3. Try and obtain a fashion-related internship:
    It’s very important to know the industry from inside, so definitely try to get some kind of work experience. It does not matter if it is unpaid or low paid, experience is really important. Through industry experience, you will get the insight of how brands are working these days and know more about the industry.
  4. Work Calendar/Diary:
    Whichever industry you are part of you should always have a diary dedicated to your work. As fashions keeps updating all the time, you should also keep yourself up to date too. So, it’s really important for you to maintain a work diary wherein you can write down things so that you don’t miss them. You can also use this to keep up with jobs and to dos.

Fashion is one of the most challenging industries. To be part of the industry you have to completely dedicate yourself to knowing it. Of course, there will never be a time when you will know everything, because every day something new keeps on coming.


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