Your New Season Wardrobe


It’s that time of year where the shops are stocking up for the new season and, as a lover of winter clothes, I couldn’t be happier! So it’s bye-bye boring shorts and hello cosy coats. Here are a few of the trends that seem to be cropping up this season, and how best to shop these trends on the high street.

Animal Print:

It is everywhere. Love it by all means, but don’t overdo it. Either go small with an accessory of choice, or go big and clash prints. These are my current favourites:

Credit: – £24
Credit: – £8
Credit: – £17










The classic autumnal colour is back again this season, but this year it’s even more on trend; camouflage is in, people.

Credit: – £40
Credit: – £35
Credit: – £16


Red and Pink:

As well as the traditional autumnal colours, there also seems to be a preference for a pop of bright colour for the next season – particularly pink and red.

Credit: – £32
Credit: – £30
Credit: – £10


Wide-Legged Trousers:

They are clearly not going anywhere, and personally I am not sad. Comfy and flattering, long may they reign!

Credit: – £25
Credit: – £40
Credit: – £40

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