Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas


So you’ve looked at your bank account and realised you have £0.37 to buy a halloween outfit, 3 house parties to go to and just a day until the big day itself. Don’t stress! Here’s a list of last minute DIY halloween costumes that won’t break the bank and will look like you put some effort into it!


Credit: Pixabay

This costume could potentially cost you next to nothing – it’s just a black and white stripy top, black jeans/skirt/pinafore and black eyeliner to do the face make up! If you don’t own a black and white stripy top, rest assured someone in your house will. For face make up, draw triangles above and below your eyes, with black circles at the ends and black lipstick! If you’ve got spare pennies, purchase white gloves and a black beret to complete the look.


Not only does this costume mean that you can completely own Meatloaf’s classic ‘Like a Bat Out of Hell’ (which is sure to play on halloween in the cheese room of ocies), but it’s also essentially the same outfit as going as a cat. The positive of this is that everyone and their mum at some point has gone as a cat for fancy dress, so cat ear headbands are sure to be somewhere in your house. The only extra thing you need to do is dress completely in black and safety pin black material from your sleeves to the bottom of your top to create wings (if you’ve got a spare black umbrella this is perfect)!

Instagram influencer.

Credit: Atikh Bana, Unsplash

Channel your inner reality star and become the influencer that’s all over everyone’s Instagram scroll page. For this costume you’re going to need some cycling shorts, a crop top and oversized denim jacket or a matching Pretty Little Thing Co-Ord. Then write your very own discount code on a piece of paper and paperclip it your outfit – ready for all your newfound fans in the smoking area!


Frankenstein/Frankenstein’s Bride.

This is a cool couples outfit idea, but also is easily recognisable on its own! The key to this costume is make up – if you’re terrible at it make sure to get that friend everyone has who is basically an MUA to help you out. For Frankenstein you’re gonna need to invest in some green face paint, but after that, just make some face screws out of cardboard to stick to the side of your head and rip up some old trousers/t-shirts you don’t wear anymore. For his bride, find yourself a white dress and a veil (could be made out of toilet paper!) and pile your hair in a beehive to recreate the classic film look. If you can stretch to some extras, then make sure to buy black and white hair spray to add the iconic lightning bolt to your hair!

Credit: Pixabay

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