Winter Skincare: ‘Tis the Season for a Facemask


The combination of cold air, alcohol, sugar and salt; all key elements to that White Christmas we’ve been dreaming of. Yet, unfortunately, they aren’t great for your skin and will undoubtedly leave it dehydrated if you’re helping it out with hydrating products.

There’s no need to break the bank with your winter skincare essentials, there are plenty of budget options out there. Check out Superdrug’s “Simply Pure” and “Naturally Radiant”, Revolution Skincare (Superdrug) and THE INKEY LIST (ASOS); they all have student discount options.

There are a couple of staple products that I think everyone needs, one of which is a cleanser, and a good one at that. Stay away from those labelled “foaming”, as they will strip all the natural oils out of your skin. Even if you struggle with oily skin, it’s possible that your skin is actually dehydrated and is overproducing oil to compensate. These foaming washes that are targeted at those with oily/blemish prone skin will only make you more dehydrated and therefore even more oily. Another reason for proper cleansing is that, not only are make-up wipes bad for the environment, they’re not sufficient for removing make-up either – sorry ’bout it. Unless of course, it’s 4am, and you’ve just got back from Switch, in which case it’s the only thing you can muster up the strength to do.

Here are some cleanser options which might be a good start:

You also need a great moisturiser: as I mentioned, hydration is key, so slapping this on once you’ve washed your face morning and night is so important. Look for moisturisers that include hyaluronic acid, a great ingredient that can hold 1000x its weight in water and will do wonders for the appearance of your skin, leaving it feeling plumped and soft.

Check out these ones:

If you’re worried about the texture of your skin, you could try out a gentle acid. Glycolic is a good place to start, it’ll help reduce the appearance of pores, smooth your skin and make your skin appear brighter and more glowy. As much as it might seem scary or weird to use an actual acid on your skin, these products are in fact designed specifically for use on your skin. Try them in the evening a couple times a week and build up usage once your skin is used to it.

To add an extra boost of hydration to the skin, use a serum or a sheet mask. Serums can be used every day under moisturise, and over an acid if you’re using one. If you want to use a sheet mask, you only need to use one once a week, or more frequently if you’re really in need of some pampering. New skincare brand, Revolution Skincare, stocked in Superdrug, offer great options for budget hydrating serums.

Finally, a sheet mask is a great way of adding another ounce of hydration to the skin, many offering the same amount of product as a bottle of serum, my favourite are the Garnier Moisture Bombs. They make them for various skin concerns but the original is my preferred choice in the winter they’re £2.99 and often available as 3 for 2 (offer student discount).

Having said all this, the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to rehydrate your skin is water. Pick up a reusable water bottle and make sure you’re drinking at least 2 litres a day – don’t include your tea and coffee in this allowance either. If you take a bottle with you everywhere, you’ll find you drink a lot more without even realising it, and when you run out you can fill it up for free on campus.

Now that you’re all clued up on winter skincare, I expect to see everyone’s face radiantly glowing in all my 9ams.


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