Some Top Tips for a Sustainable Christmas


Christmas is fast approaching and we’re all starting to get into the festive spirit (because it’s never too early, right?) Soon it will be time to hang the wreath and deck the halls, but if you’re looking for a more sustainable way to celebrate then look no further! Here are some handy tips and tricks.

The Tree

It’s a tough choice – does the family go for a real tree or an artificial alternative? A real tree may have the aesthetic edge, but over 8 million fir trees are harvested for this very purpose annually in the UK alone. Nowadays, artificial trees can look as good as the real thing, especially when decorated and you won’t be left with a tree to dispose of at the end of the holiday, or pine needles all over the floor. A win for the family and for the planet!


If you’re anything like me and find gift-buying a real struggle, perhaps environmentally friendly gifts would be worth considering. Reusable coffee cups, bottles, straws may not seem the most exciting, but they’re items that are massively useful and also affordable! There are so many options both online and on the high street to choose from, and with places like Amazon, Paperchase and John Lewis now stocking them, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice!


Credit: Nathan Lemon, Unsplash

If you’re looking for a different and more sustainable way to wrap your presents this year then why not try brown parcel paper? Admittedly on its own it isn’t the most exciting- it lacks the pizzazz that the glittery, shimmery festive wrapping paper has. It is, however, more widely recycled than wrapping paper and you can get it looking much better by adding coloured string or even a sprig of holly!

Sustainability might not be at the forefront of our minds during the festive season, but there are simple changes we can make that will not ruin, or even alter our Christmases, but could have a huge collective, and positive, impact on the planet.


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