Going Naked with LUSH Cosmetics


Sustainability is the buzz word on everyone’s lips lately, but when it comes to adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, how committed are we? It’s helpful to consider this question both on an individual and corporate scale.

Most of us will suffer the initial shock of realising how much commercial waste we produce. In some cases, this can seem unavoidable especially when we think of prescription medicines, vitamins, some sanitary items and forms of contraceptives, disposable razors, contact lenses, hair styling products, cleansing wipes and other cosmetics which are often accompanied by excessive packaging. We’ve become so used to buying these items out of convenience that we often forget that our ecosystems will ultimately have to pay the price.

Of course, becoming more conscious as a consumer is the first step to affecting positive change. Not only could this help you to save money in the long run, but our individual choices will also contribute to our collective efforts to be kinder to our planet. Where possible we should begin to consider more eco-friendly options, especially in the realm of cosmetics. Reportedly, in 2018 the average UK household spent £12.50 per week on personal care items equating to a total of £600 each year, and £3.80 per week on medical and healthcare products which is a total of £182.40 per year. Glamour Magazine has also revealed that women, in particular, spend an average of £482.51 on beauty products alone each year (guilty as charged, this definitely includes me). While we might never be able to tame all of our spending habits, a more viable option we can consider is to adopt a more innovative approach to our skin, hair and body care routines. For example, opting for natural ingredients that can be used interchangeably for face, body and hair. Packaging wise, keep an eye out for recyclable and biodegradable options, or better yet, do away with packaging altogether!

Without a doubt, LUSH Cosmetics is leading this revolution with their “naked” product range, but before we delve into their extraordinary concepts, let me talk a little bit more about who LUSH are as a brand. First of all, LUSH pride themselves on being a company that produces fresh and self-preserving handmade cosmetics for both men and women which contain ethically and naturally sourced ingredients. Their product range is predominantly vegetarian, but they also offer a wide range of vegan alternatives. In addition to this, they are against animal testing and are engaged in various global campaigns against it. Most of all, their activistic approach is clearly evidenced in the vibrancy and playfulness of their demonstrations and product range, which includes everything from creams to soaps, Face Masks, scrubs, Bath Bombs, shower bombs, solid shampoo bars, solid conditioners, fragrances, toothpaste alternatives, shaving creams, toners and steamers, serums, face mists, an entire make-up range, bath oils and more. LUSH have also recently launched their “Naked Skincare” campaign which includes a wealth of products to accommodate for different skin types and needs. The range requires no packaging, a decision that fulfils one of LUSH’s more recent mission statements in which they outline their desire to remain environmentally conscious:

‘About half of our products can be taken home with no packaging. We save nearly 6 million plastic bottles globally from selling shampoo bars alone[…]When packaging is unavoidable, we prefer to use recycled materials. 90%, by weight, of our packaging material is recycled and we’re working on the remaining 10%. We like our packaging to be reused, recycled or composted at the end of their lives and aim to have 100% of our packaging recyclable or compostable.’

Although LUSH cosmetics tend to be on the pricier side, the formulas ensure that a little goes a long way and the majority of the products have the minimum shelf life of a month. Also, if, like me,  you are a LUSH fanatic, you will surely reap the benefits of the brand’s ‘Not a Virgin’ pot recycling initiative. Collect five LUSH pots, clean out any remaining contents and receive a fresh face mask for free! Pop into LUSH Southampton for a free sample of these bad boys below. You won’t regret it.

My Lush Haul of Fame:

1. Rosy Cheeks
This is a very soothing facemask infused with Turkish Rose Oil that’s great for sensitive skin.

2. Ocean Salt
This is one of my favourite self-preserving body scrubs, which is suitable for face and body. It contains lime oil and salt which really tones and exfoliates the skin without being too abrasive.

3. Boom
I absolutely adore these ‘Toothy Tabs’. They are a great alternative to toothpaste which conventionally comes in a tube. ‘Boom’ is comprised of gunpowder and charcoal and has a refreshing cola taste. Just chew, let it foam, and brush away!

4. Bunny Moon
This jelly face mask is so much fun to apply. It’s very gentle on the skin and contains marigold and chamomile.

5. R&B
This is the perfect moisturiser for curlier and dryer textures. It contains a rich blend of oils and butter that really condition your locks!


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