Who Says You Can’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single?


I’ve never been in a relationship for Valentine’s Day. I know there is an argument that subconsciously we all avoid getting into relationships between the end of January and the middle of February but I think that actually it’s just  a coincidence. So whilst I’m not your go-to girl on what to buy your significant other, (brief shout out to all the guys who came in whilst I was a florist on Valentine’s Day and asked me what flowers they should get), I do have some experience on still enjoying this day whilst you’re single.

First off, while I know it’s great to celebrate love and show your significant other that you appreciate them, it is important to remember that February 14th is just another day. If you’re seeing someone and you want to celebrate, amazing. However if you’re single or in a relationship but still not majorly fussed about the day, remind yourself that it’s literally just any other day. It then becomes a lot easier to realise Valentine’s Day is not that scary or sad.

I’ve always found that Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to watch all the classic romcoms. Growing up, my sister and I would choose a few romcoms each year to watch in the evening to feel good about love, as opposed to feeling upset that we were single. 9/10 times we would just whack on one of the film channels on the TV because they always line up a few classics on Valentine’s Day, but if you need a bit of inspiration I’d suggest:

  • How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days
  • My Best Friends Wedding
  • Bridget Jones

If you don’t think you can face the idea of a whole evening of romcoms then focus on films about really strong relationships that aren’t romantic, like Bridesmaids, Pride or Girls Trip.

I’ve also spent quite a few Valentines Day’s with friends, which has always been a laugh. Sometimes we’ve all watched films or made dinner together, and last year, my friend Tash and I unintentionally spent Valentine’s Day in Jesters. A group of us – single and couples – had drinks and ended up heading to the Palace of Dreams, where I saw through the end of Valentine’s Day with a Juicy Lucy in hand, performing that year’s beginners tap routine on the dance floor to Chelsea Dagger (our dance was not choreographed to Chelsea Dagger).

This year a group of us have bought tickets to Bongo’s Bingo at Switch for Valentines Day. We bought the tickets because we want to have a drink (or ten) and win $$ – not because it was on Valentines Day, but it is certainly a happy coincidence. We’re a mix of the stages of a relationship: the single who don’t want to mingle, the single and more than ready to mingle, those in a relationship and others who are essentially married off. I’m personally hoping to win the jackpot and maybe even dance on a table, which sounds like a pretty good February 14th to me. I hope you have a positive Valentine’s Day whatever your relationship status, and that you’re surrounded by the people you love – whether that’s romantically or not.


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