Yes! Yes! Yes! Sex Positive Dating Apps


We have a complex relationship with sex. The infamous phrase, sex sells, is applicable to almost anything: sexuality is used to sell us everything from holidays to soft drinks, burgers and even power tools, yet so many people are embarrassed of, and shamed for, their desire and sexuality.  

Sex is a healthy part of human life and it’s actually good for us! It can boost our moods, be a fun form of cardio, provide pain relief and help us to sleep. Shaming people for taking care of their health is absurd: we need water, we need food, we need sleep and some of us need sex. As long as it’s consensual, what’s the problem? Sex doesn’t have to mean a connection to a partner in some profound, romantic way, and it doesn’t have to be about love. Sex can be fun, messy and completely unromantic. You don’t need to have lots of sex, or any at all. Being sex positive is respecting everyone’s choices (again, as long as they’re consensual)! 

In 2012, Tinder was launched. In just two years, there was more than a billion swipes every day. Since then, dating apps have grown considerably. In 2017, £448m was spent on dating apps and a study reported that 18-30-year olds spend up to 10 hours a week using them. There’s a lot of choice: mainstream apps like Bumble and Tinder to anonymous hook up apps, like Pure.

Where are the sex positive apps? 

Tapdat. Tapdat is a new app that fills a gap in the market for fun and safe casual sex. The creators think everyone should stop being ashamed of their desires and what they want out of sex. The app encourages its users to be responsible and kind, but also to have fun.

Tapdat aims to cut the confusion of what people want on Tinder or Bumble and improve honest communication between its users. When you create your profile, you share your details like other apps. The interests, however, include sexual preferences. The options range from vanilla to kinky, so you’ll know what to expect when you connect with someone. Whatever your sexual interest, whether it’s a ‘simple screw’, a ‘cuddle & squeeze’, or partner sharing, Tapdat’s got you sorted.

Tapdat encourages you to have fun but reminds you to be safe. You should not feel any shame about sex but using protection and being safe it essential. The app has NHS information on keeping safe; and information about positive sexual experiences from orgasm trouble to tips for better sex.  

If you’re in no hurry to find a partner, Tapdat might be the answer. It’s available on IOS and Android. Be safe, have fun and enjoy yourself!


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