Review: The Edge


The Edge is the only award-winning LGBT+ nightclub in Southampton and has been at the heart of the gay community in Southampton since 1995. The club itself has won awards, as have the bar staff, security and the DJs. It embraces diversity and works hard to create an accepting environment. I first went to The Edge as a fresher and it’s still my favourite club in Southampton now. Here are my top 5 reasons to go!

Student friendly.

Money can be tight for students, especially towards the end of term, but The Edge has got you covered with some of the best student deals in town. Entry is only £4 on a Wednesday if you show your student card and you can get a vodka slushy – yes, they’re as good as they sound – for just £2! Whether you want to drink alcohol or not, The Edge is a good night and it’s incredibly affordable.


Also on a Wednesday night, The Edge turns the upstairs dancefloor into a karaoke room! Not only can you sing along to your go-to crowd pleaser, but you can also dance with your friends to everyone else’s karaoke classics. They seem to have literally every song, which means there’s always a banger to enjoy that you’d completely forgotten about.

Credit: April Turner.
Credit: April Turner.

Rosie’s Diner.

You know when you’re out, you’ve had a few too many vodka lemonades, you’ve been dancing for about four hours and you suddenly realise that you’re ravenous? At The Edge, you don’t even need to leave the club to get food because they have Rosie’s Diner right there for you in the smoking area! It sells burgers and chips (as well as vegan and veggie options) and it’s pretty reasonably priced. I really enjoyed the food, but I must admit that this was at 4am, so it’s possible that my taste buds weren’t completely unbiased. The perk of this burger spot is that you can have your drunk food, sober up a little bit and then go back into the club for even more dancing. A win-win situation.

The Playlist

Now it might not be to everyone’s taste and the DJs do take requests but the downstairs dancefloor is normally chart hits and pop/disco classics. When I say you’ll be dancing the night away, it’s because you genuinely will not want to stop dancing – every song is a classic.

Gender neutral toilets

The Edge actively works hard to create an atmosphere of inclusion and a safe environment for everybody and anybody to go out dancing and singing with their friends. Not only does this make for an even better night out for everyone as there is a spirit of love and openness, but it is especially important in the current political climate. In The Edge all the toilets are gender neutral, which creates a welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy the club and be themselves. The Edge also has a strict no violence policy and the bouncers are constantly walking around to make sure that everyone is safe and happy.


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