Shopping Opportunities in Southampton


Below is a quick guide to some of the shopping opportunities in Southampton, whether looking for clothes, appliances, or a place to eat with friends. 

City Centre

Westquay shopping centre is the biggest place to buy clothes and shoes, with shops like New Look, H&M, and Hollister. You can also find the department store John Lewis there, which sells high-quality clothes, accessories and make-up. There are also lots of restaurants in the shopping centre, with many different types of food available, like fast food chains McDonald’s and KFC, Italian restaurants like Pizza Express and other places, like Yo! Sushi.

From Westquay you can easily get to IKEA, which is the perfect place to buy any things you need for your room or flat, such as bedding, towels, and things to decorate with, like posters and lamps.

On the other side of Westquay there is a road called Above Bar Street where you will find other useful shops, like WHSmith and The Works which sell everything you need for university, like paper, pens and folders.

The town centre is also where you will find useful phone shops, such as O2, Apple, and Carphone Warehouse. If you’re looking for anything to do with computers or laptops, Currys PC World is just next to IKEA, and has everything you could need, from charging cables to phone covers.


Portswood does not have as many shops as the city centre, but there are lots of charity shops where you can get cheap second-hand clothes and a large Sainsbury’s supermarket at the beginning of Portswood High Street which sells kitchen appliances and clothes as well. There are also some restaurants and diners, such as KFC, Pho Vietnam and dessert parlours Scoops and Sprinkles.


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