A Guide to Festival Fashion


Festival season has well and truly started, with Glastonbury recently kicking off the UK festival scene. Plenty of celebrities and festival goers dressed to impress. From sheer, to neon, to silly shirts, there was a lot of inspiration. Wireless, Lovebox, Latitude and Nass are just some of the UK festivals coming up in the next few weeks and if you haven’t got a clue about what to wear, here is a little advice on how to tackle this year’s trends and master classic festival looks.


The 1980s Neon trend has made a massive comeback this year. Although neon reminds most of us of our primary school discos and leg warmers, many celebrities, including Winnie Harlow at Coachella, have been wearing neon across festivals already this year. Wearing neon can obviously be a bold statement, but with the range of neon items available at the moment you could subtly bring some neon in to your outfit, or go full traffic-cone. Here are some pieces for inspiration:

Credit: Urban Outfitters
Credit: Urban Outfitters
Credit: Topshop

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are another big trend that has reappeared this year, after they became something that you don’t just wear to exercise. You can now get cycling shorts in pretty much any print, colour or material. These are a comfy and stylish alternative to the denim shorts that you may have worn in previous years. Cycling shorts can easily be worn with crop tops, however, as the British summer isn’t always reliable weather-wise, they can also easily be paired with an oversized t-shirt or jacket for a look that is both comfy and stylish. Here are a few options:

Credit: H&M
Credit: Urban Outfitters
Credit: Urban Outfitters


Now, no festival outfit is complete without the accessories. Wearing a bucket hat is a UK festival rite of passage, and there are plenty to choose from this year, coming in all colours and prints. Hair pins are also a huge trend for this year – bold clips that have words, names or designs on them have been worn by many celebrities and social media influencers. To keep your essentials on you, a bag is vital for a festival. The ideal is a bum bag, which are also available in all shapes and sizes. Glitter is always seen at a festival, however it is not the best for the environment as it can get into the sea which is damaging to marine life. However, there are companies that now sell eco-friendly glitter, so here are some ideas below:

Credit: EcoStardust – Biodegradable Glitter
Credit: Urban Outfitters
Credit: Urban Outfitters
Credit: Topshop


Patterned shirts, denim and tracksuit shorts are all clothes that are frequently seen as part of a boy’s festival wardrobe. A loud print shirt over the top of a white t-shirt, with a pair of denim shorts, is an especially iconic look at festivals. Whether paired with a crop top, bralet or a plain t-shirt, this outfit is  perfect for everybody. It’s important to remember that when it comes to festival season, have fun and wear whatever YOU want – there shouldn’t be any boundaries such as wearing certain gendered clothing. Here are a few shirts that are some real head turners:

Credit: ASOS
Credit: River Island

Festival season is full of fun, sun and amazing fashion. So, I hope this helps when choosing which outfits you are going to wearing over the summer ahead. Enjoy the festival season!


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