How To Make Halls Your Home Away From Home


Halls may seem like the furthest thing away from your bedroom at home, but this room of furniture is the perfect blank canvas to do whatever you want with!


In halls, the lighting is pretty simple. It usually consists of one main light on the ceiling, which is either blindingly bright or pretty dull, depending on the last time the bulb was changed! However, there are many quick, easy (and cheap!) solutions to create a well-lit space.

1. Fairy lights. The staple of any uni room. Whether they are around your bed, hanging on your noticeboard or framing your window, there is a place for fairy lights in every bedroom, and they help to create a really relaxing atmosphere. TOP TIP… Make sure they are battery powered, as plug-in lights are not allowed in halls.

2. Lamps. In my first year room I had two lamps, one for my bedside table and one for my desk. They allow you to choose where and how much lighting there is in the room, which always helps when doing work or just watching Netflix in bed. TOP TIP… Look out for the deals at the start of uni! You can get lamps very cheaply from Argos, which you can Click & Collect for free from Sainsbury’s Portswood.

Photos and Posters

A simple, but effective, way of filling the blank walls is by using either photos or posters.

1. Photos. Why keep all of your photos stuck in your camera roll? Why not get them printed and cover your walls in precious memories? Download a photo printing app, like FreePrints, which allows you to print 45 free photos a month from your phone that are delivered to you for a small delivery fee. You can then pin these up on your noticeboard or use frames. TOP TIP… Use Command Strips to attach frames to walls. They stick on very easily and leave no marks when removed.

2. Posters. Every year during freshers week, there is a poster sale on campus. They offer a wide selection of posters, from arty prints to film posters. Posters are a great way to fill empty space on your walls. TOP TIP… Don’t use Blu Tack on your walls. Make sure you use White Tack to avoid leaving any marks.

Flowers and Plants

Bring the outdoors in with some house plants, whether they are real or artificial.

1. Real plants. Small, potted plants or flowers are easy to manage and add a lot of life to a room without needing to splash too much cash. Cacti are a good place to start, as if you forget to water them or leave them over the holidays, they won’t die on you immediately.

2. Artificial plants. If you’re not green fingered at all, artificial flowers can inject a pop of colour and they are guaranteed to survive. TOP TIP… Start with artificial flowers or plants, as an experiment, before committing to the real thing.

Remember that this is the ideal opportunity to put your stamp on your own space. This is your chance to make halls your home away from home!


Lifestyle Editor 2020/21. German and Spanish Final Year Student.

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