Just Add Sprinkles : A Review


Waiting outside Sprinkles I felt a little giddy, like a first date, that I knew would have me raving for weeks to come.

I was fidgeting with anticipation and peering through the glass door. The ice cream was waiting, heaped and swirling under a glossy counter replete with toppings, sauces and treats of every variety. There were so many different flavours packed together that they looked like the jewels of an expensive shimmering bracelet. I asked the waitress for my favourite: mint chocolate chip sundae. I took a booth to myself at the front of the restaurant, it was quiet, for there was no one about yet. A perfect morning which was graced by a perfectly formed sundae in a matter of moments. Arriving at my table the waitress smiled with a look to say ‘here you enjoy this, I can see you need it today’. And to be honest, I did, I needed every last spoonful of that delicious, creamy, wafer topped treat! It only took a moment, but every one lingered sweetly on my tongue. The flavours they stock are really something else, they have vegan options, and millions of combination suggestions which will blow your mind! Portswood doesn’t offer much in the way of luxury, but it does deliver a very reasonable and rapturous escape of the senses in your choice of cone, tub, glass or bowel. I would recommend to a friend and anyone else who will listen to me, hopefully, you?


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